Friday, October 31, 2014

If you feel like doing it.....Don't blame me.

Sure it will be cool when you do it.      Think of Saturday morn.    Okay if you must.

This is what the illness the Elephant Man had looks like.      OMG!

It's just a quick slice of the nose and you now have less to worry about.

Faces can be put back on.      I guess?

Shit!      I'd get my money back.

Sure piss off that dude in Mexico!    

Demons and Teens......Good movie.

                                           It's just for the faint of heart.

Here is the video of the Pig Monkey!

                                       Again!    If it's fake.....It's a dam good one.

The Chinese Pig Monkey!

Hell I would post this on any day.     But Halloween night is so dam great!      The farmers of a small China town claim a monkey screwed a pig and the Pig Monkey was born!      I mean if it is a joke, it's a dam good one.

I read it did not live long.      Dam it!     I wanted one.       Why do these crazy messed up breeds never live?     Think of how much fun a Pig Monkey could be to own.

Man if it's just a freak of a pig, it's a cool freak.

Some places have TAPS....We have local Sadow Chasers!

I met some of them.      Very cool people.

Go to the link and read up on local ghosts.        Some of it is real interesting.

Not Mike Jackson cool, but cool.

We have a Vortex in Watertown NY......

The cast of Willy Wonka may have been through it and were never right again.    Maybe.

We have a cool sign up in the Thompson Park for the sight.      Thanks our great Mayor.

Hell you can visit the sight any time during the year.     Tonight might just be the night you can go in and come out in Texas.    Maybe?

Bigfoot is someplace tonight.....Be careful!

He sure is out there someplace.

The hairy man can kill a bear one day.....

Take on the fashion world on the next.

He is a true super hero.

Swords and or a ax used as a Halloween prop is stupid!

I mean this looks like it will be fun till the cops show up, and shoot you full of holes!     Dude had a sword in Utah and ended up dead from many gun shot wounds.      Fucking crazy shit.

Even a dude in a suit walking the streets with a ax looks out of place and could lead to a death or two.      I'd leave that stuff at home.

Yes kept this too.      It's important for you today.     I'd miss some of you if your wore your sword to work.

Mountain Monsters Funny?

Okay sure it is.    

Till you see them catch a giant pig over 9 feet long with a weight of around 800 pounds!      I laughed at the giant cage trap they made till the fraking beast was in it.     It was luck that the thing held it.     The pig was a true Mountain Monster!

Who knew giant rabbits are real?       Well they are.

Or giant fish?

Tell me this is not a monster.

I rest my case.

Never heard of Pet Sematary from the Remones....Here it is.

                                          It sure fits the mood this week.

Moved this too.    Really liked it.