Saturday, May 23, 2015

OKAY! Random sexy Gifs for Saturday!


Fake Nudes of the 70s show cast.

main image
I bet she looks hotter in real life.    Maybe?    her ass was kind of weird shaped.
main image
Okay I knew it!     
main image
Again.....Who knows what we really would get.
main image
That shit is just funny (above).      If you know the show....Red is a real butthole!
main image
Wow!      I have nothing.     Just laugh.

Just a game that should be!

                                  BaseKetball!      Here is the full movie.   
IFC had it on all night!      It just doesn't get old!

O for simpler NUDE TIMES!

Nothing flashy.      Just a very hot nude chick and two creepy dudes looking hard at her.
O to see Johnny Homes alive and well again!     He was the man of being nude.
If only it would have happened on the show.
Darn it she fell apart.
Hot cars and very hot ladies!
Who wasn't in love with Laurie from the P. Family?
Wow the Way-back Machine when Way Back!


Okay yes it is Saturday.      On Monday IFC will have the coolest show on that ever aired in our life time!      THE MONKEYS!      ALL DAY LONG!     How in the hell could you go wrong?
                                   Well in case you don't know what I speak of...Here is a show.
It's the 70s came to life.       If you didn't grow up in the coolest time....sorry.  
Some of us lived in a time when peace had a meaning to most people.
Fashion was fashion!     
You spent your Summer camping on a school bus.     I did one Summer.   Is was a good time.
So for me Monday's shows will be a time traveling time.

Friday, May 22, 2015

We had a hotdog shack on wheels stop in today for work.

Man it was killing me that he didn't have it open.

Who doesn't like a hotdog shack on wheels?      They are just God sent!

Something for everyone.

Hotdogs are just so much fun!

Sop it now!

We have a freeze warning out for tonight!

30 degrees or less tonight after midnight!       If you planted flowers and a garden.....Well I would have too.     We should be way past crap weather like this!      O well what do we do?     Sunday should be the turn around.     But today and Saturday look to suck butt.

Maybe it's devil women?

Just saw a weird message as I set this post up.      O well we will see if it goes away.

Until than.......Here's some devil women to enjoy.

Dam Satan doing a chick came up.....Now I know for sure Hell has gotten in!

Something is riding the net today....beware!

A bunch of pop ups and what ever when you open up pages.     Printer problems.     You name it.      Not sure what is in the system.     Just be careful.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Girls Kissing Nipples!

Just the title of the post gets me rolling.

Even when they kiss their own.....OMG how do you not look?

Wow it is all good.

Wow!      Some heavy action has occurred.

Triple the fun.  

                                         This video was a bit weird and I added it.

Go figure the fact that Gay couples are having more childern.

A study shows that couples who sleep same sex every night are more likely to want and have children today over what some would call a normal couple.     Man and women kind of relationship.      Most so called normal couples don't want kids anymore.     But several others want them and are having them.  

I wonder who will study the above couple's needs?

New song......I kissed a girl and liked the idea of having a child with her.

Wow! How many different kinds of hotdogs are out there?

Hey I never knew there was so many.     Heck I bet this is just a small cover of them.     I want one now.

O you can read Hill-Dog's Emails today....some.

I can not wait till someone finds the smoking gun,     Her lawyers say it doesn't matter,  and she still wins.       Because our nation is full of morons!

More and more people are claiming WYFY is killing them!

Okay I realize it is possible.       But have to really figure that the Sun is killing us more every day.      That is a slow process......But the Sun is killing us.     Should we ask for the Sun to be shut off?      I wonder.

Not to make fun of anyone......But I really think it is time to stop wearing the tin foil hat and get a grip on the fact we live in a less than perfect world.      You will be killed one day by something.      You must die.      If we all lived forever the world would be a bitch.     Not to say you should look for ways to be killed or take chances.....But you have to live.

Sure it looks good on her.....Maybe not so much on you.     Go out there and try living a little.

No Way? A teacher got fired for allowing sex in her class room closet?

Hell she just about allowed the kids to play spin the bottle all class and is surprised about being fired?      I mean what was the thinking?      Teachers (not all) seem to be failing bad in America.     I think we need to adopt Japan's school rules.     In Japan the schools don't even have clean up personal.     The kids take turns at the end of the day cleaning classrooms.     If you dare talk back to a teacher he or she can crack your ass till it bleeds with a ruler.     But the sorry fact is.....Not one of the kids over there ever dare talk back to a teacher out of respect.

Poor Amish kid dies on local farm.

I heard someone I know say that the Amish should watch their kids.     Well that person (or me) doesn't even come close to understanding working on a farm with tools from the 1800s.    Maybe some modern tools.....But in most cases not many.     Plus it is a farm!     Farms can be dangerous.    

We all should try a few hours out trying to plow a field with horses.    Man than we would get it.      It is not an easy life.      I hope the poor family can get by their lost child in one piece.   

Ever been in a 1800s grave yard?     Most of the stones are for people who range from one year old to around 30 if they are lucky.       Maybe a real old person at 45?     It is very telling.