Saturday, February 13, 2016

I don't know why it has to be black or white....But they are naked.

Link is posted as naked-black-girls.

Have to say the above little lady is smoking hot and on the link she would be ugly.    I kid you not.

Okay if you are going to stay with her....

Even if you can not realize she plans on dumping you on Monday.  

Four simple ways to maybe make the day happy above in the link.

Okay I know she is cute.....But if you don't dump her today...

Yes how can you tell her the day before V. Day it's done?     O and she is very hot.

Well you have about 12 hours before it becomes a bad time for all.

You can save yourself and not buy this....just do it.

Here (above) is a hundred dollar bill you could use this weekend finding another chick....

One that because you just started going around with her will not have any claim to Sunday's special day.      Think about it. 

Hell no.....Not going out to the dump today!

I have one bag,   maybe two.      Shit on going to the dump today.     Going to stay inside. 

Okay how do we survive the cold today?

Good start!      Get it up and hot.     Sit in front of it.

Shopping is done.

Some Whiskey.      Yes a must today.

Make sure you drink it.

Buy and eat your fake lobster.

This crap scares me.      Their is a bug that lives under the sea called a slipper.     It could easily be served on a dinner as a lobster tail.      It is a basic living lobster tail without the head or claws.      Well eat up.

A must today.    

Yes if you like it cold......You like sweater nipples.

Okay I will just post sweater nipples for awhile.     That will help everyone.

Dam I feel warmer now.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Okay Einstein was correct.....

Gravity makes wave forms that can be heard and they change time.     Great.    I bet we spent millions to get that know how.    Now how is it used?      What is it to us.    I love learning.    But I need something back.     Can you use it to chill beer?

Temp bridge is the best idea while the new one gets built.

A major trafic jam is in if you just tear down the bridge in Watertown NY and run traffic down a side street.     Side streets have houses on them,   they are narrow,    and kids are playing.     The state replaced the same kind of bridge in Lewis County years ago.     They had the Army bring in a bridge that was just  there till the new one was built.      

They have bigger!      

It all can be used again.

Heck the Army loves this crap.     gives them game time to get the thing ready for the real job somewhere out there.      

Can we have all White TV shows?

I could care less if a TV show is all white,   black,   and or what ever.     But it is what it is.    Does it have to turn into something every dam time?      

What if the show is about some White man's issue?     Like the white man's fear of doing something wrong and pissing off the rest of America.      That could easily be a show.

How about an all white show called ALL WHITE DUMB CRIMINALS?

There would be so much to work with.

Would anyone object to that?      How could it be a bad show?     

$30 and two people can enjoy a nice ride on the river.

Go to the big deep river and enjoy a ride...If you can this weekend.    Because I won't.    It's several hundred miles away from me and my river is frozen.     But if you live on the big easy river and have the time.....$30 for two people to ride is cheap.     I can tell you I will move South one day.    Taxes lower,   cool river boats,   and a calmer way of life.    Us North country people are all jacked up on something.     We don't know how to rest. 

This is our idea of a nice ride on the weekend (above).      Get in blond girl and ride with me and my friend.       Yes we will be driving fast and loose. 

Cheer-leaders with camel toe.



Okay less toe.....But a good view.


I added the last one because it gave me an image of her in the outfit sporting toe and.....Never mind.

Today's perfect ass brought to you by a cell phone.


O and the internet too.       Plus I guess i have to give the Girls in Yoga Pants sight credit too.   

It's the age of I love you and you and you.....

Not saying it's bad.      Maybe just like on Logan's Run if everyone had an open relationship,  there would be no war.      But also it seems like the wife slash husband thing may be going out the window.    Young people do not seem to be looking for a ring.     They are looking for fun.    I think fun is good.     Above....There is a lot of fun to be had. 

Spice filled night night stuff is all I can safely suggest.

Becasue at least you may get one night to look at it before Monday's bad news.     You didn't do enough,    you suck,   and shit like that.    Hate to be negative.    But be ready.

Let's say you pull it off Sunday.      You get to see this real cool stuff on your lady again.

Sure seems like a win-win type of gamble.

Dam the all white is fine.

In case you didn't notice it on the link.....Deals under $50.     Don't go real nuts dude.

Okay plus you will most like not be able to order this stuff in you already suck.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Yes it's that day!

OMG I'd hit that moment!

Love the eyes. 

Jamie Alexander in her TV role.....Yes she is Thor ready!

Nice hammer.

Yes she is a little small.....BUT TIGHT!

OM Leather Goodness!

Yes the first OMG she is Hot powerful lady!

Brother,    did you see that chick by the comics?     O shit she was hot!