Saturday, November 22, 2014

Line up and give me WHAT I WANT!

Play the Video and get the jest!

Okay here's today's hot YAMS!

Okay yes they are hot and sexy.....O you wanted something different?
Krista Allen Nude Photoshoot
How about the hot yams on Krista Allen?
How about problems some very hot NFL Cheerleaders have?
Wow.....Someone should have checked.
That's a very large lady knuckle or that little lady is a dude.
O yes the days they forgot they have some real nice toe going on!
Yes the hot yams have been served.
Go get us some BUTTER!
Make it a tube full!

So much for Price matching scams....Some misfire!

Eagle-eyed shoppers were able to purchase $400 PlayStations for just a quarter of the price after taking advantage of a loophole in Wal-Mart’s current price match promotion deal
Price matching even from the web for Wally-World was a bold and stupid move.     People are smart crafty monsters.     Social nets only reinforce it.      Smart operators took the stores for $300 a unit of PS4!       They walked out with price match for $98.      Ops!

$50 or more to eat for 20 minutes?

Giving thanks will be a little costlier this year, but — and here's something you can be truly thankful for — it probably won't empty your wallet. The price for putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table for 10 people is expected to rise slightly this year, clocking in at $49.41
Heck I like turkey.    Still for $50 or more to table a big meal that most will wolf down in 20 minutes or less is kind of getting old.      Over the years I have tried to make the day anything but boring.     But to me it is.      Only can eat so much anymore, watch old movies on TV, and maybe a movie at the mall.       It's bla.          We need something new.       Maybe eating anything but the traditional crap we always get?

Support our Mayor of Watertown on this one!

I know for people else where this means nothing.

For anyone in Watertown NY this means all to our future.      Look at the link and if you have time make some calls to all the city leaders in support of  a very smart choice.

Friday, November 21, 2014

You can get hours of Flap Jacks!

Right the day down on your for-head!      It's in February!      

My city sucks and has no IHOP!      If you have one.....DON'T WASTE THE DAY!       Feb. 28th


I am for sure at least hitting someplace this Saturday for some PANCAKES!


Yes sir she is getting the pie ready for the big day!

I love K-mart......BUT how can they fire people?

Kmart is open this Thanksgiving Day 2014 and in some stores Kmart threatened their workers that if they fail to show for work they will automatically get fired. (John Konstantaras/AP Images for Kmart)

What if no one was allowed to shop in the morning on Turkey Day?       Would anyone die?     Opening at around three in the morning on Black Friday just isn't enough?        Many of us just don't get a real good family day anymore.      Why do they have to take away a national get together family day from the working poor?      Plus to say that if you don't work you are gone?       What?      I think the Nanny State needs to step in on that one.     I hate the Nanny State, still sometimes there is a great cause people could use help with.    


Why the hell not make a shit job better?

Can I get a HOLY SHIT?

1930 shot of a pet  pig  any boy could have used.       I would have rode the hell out of a giant pig!     It's amazing that the pig didn't kill that kid.        Well that little boy does look as tough as nails.