Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wow are you looking for that special girl to ride this season?

O I mean ride with you.....

Get onto the link and get yourself a friend to ride for the Summer.

You might want a lady who rides her own.

I would lean towards the babe who wants to ride the back and hold on tight.

Maybe two?

Look for a nice set of handle bars.

Or that limber babe!

What ever or who ever you find.....Man who can wait till it's warm enough to run the roads with a bike?      OMG!

What happened to American workers?

Is it because after the big blast in industrial manufacturing there kind of all of a sudden are not many big factories left in America?      Did that make the average young American child into a bitter person who just doesn't want to work hard?    
Sure this guy above works dam hard.      But in most cases you get back what you give.    If you can't give a good days work in this economy, no one has to keep you.
Sure all of us would love to be famous and a star.      But as it is, there isn't enough spots for all of us.      I am sure it is a hard rock life too.      The man in green above was a soldier, is a great dad, and I am sure has not had it easy getting to the top.      But he still works hard.     Several shows around the country every week.      Movies!      He is a self made man.
I started out sweeping floors, cleaning cars, painting walls, shoveling the dirt, and much more.    Am I rich?     No.     But I kept myself feed , my wife, and kids.      O and married a top lady too that works very hard and kept us all above water too.     Hell she has a better job than me right now.     It is all good.       But we didn't ever figure we were going to walk into the top spot at work, sit around, and we knew we had to go everyday asked.     That in it's self seems lacking in most people today!
You can hate the guy above and many like him.       But the dude came to America to work!     He goes every day, is not a bitch, and he get's just as much as anyone else in the same spot.     But one difference.......He wants to work.     He knows he has to work!     He will move up and stay.     His boss loves him.     Same kid off the street who was born here?     That person wants the easy, the no hard work, and the most pay.     Check into it.     Has no plan in life other than skating the system.
Please never feel bad if you are (just as they say) serving coffee.      You are working.    You are the best in most cases at that job.      You are needed.     Everyone wants you to continue till you one day are the boss telling the rest to move it.      Hang in there and work hard.     All that and a great smile can keep you alive in a service type job.

Now here is my target issue guy (above).      He in the pic might be the best guy around.     But many a guy today in America is riding around on a bike doing nothing.     No car, no real home of his own, and no dam cares.      Just can't grow up.     Even if they find a job.....Won't show up and put in a hard days work.     He is the local bike guy.     Hey if you can do it....NO I'd still be sad that was me in the above pic.....Time for America to take this guy to task!

A train dropping it like it's hot?

                                             YES!        It can happen.

Play the video and entertain yourself this morning.     It soon will be Friday!

Coolest magic trick you saw today?      Admit it.....It was.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yes you know what day it is.

Have a nice night too.

Rude plates on your car or truck?

I love looking at plates on a car and seeing if they mean something.

See if you get some of these.

Wow that one is brave.
Wow....the last one could land anyone into it.

There is no work in the Ebola areas and man we will have to fix that I bet!

Gee guess what.....Jobs are not many to be had in areas where Ebola was killing hundreds of people.     Now the people who lived have no jobs.      You would think just the flip of  the coin would be true.      Thousands die and there are no openings?     OKAY.......I am not stupid here!    Are you?      There were no jobs anyway!      PLEASE!     We are feed some real bullshit as of late fro the world press and our government!     
LOOK FACE IT!    You will not see these signs in many places in Africa!     I mean really!     It just isn't the norm.
But I bet within weeks we will have companies flooding into the country to hire these people so they do not starve to death.     Fuck us in America!     We need to build factories in Africa now.     I mean it only makes for good relations and all that crap!

You going to see Poop being given like Blood?

 A poop donation can be for a profit.....some pay $250.00 for the poop.
Insurance won't pay for people to get donated poop put up their poop hole.    But doctors in Syracuse NY are doing that little job to save people with bad infections in their colons.      Hey and I guess it has saved lives.      But man it seems almost as crazy as bleeding a person used to be.
Need be the doctor below will put poop from a stranger in you ass to save you.

Is the First Lady almost bald?

She is to be on a well know game show in a video clip.     It looks like she has no hair in the back.     But as the angle is tight, no one knows for sure.
The look of Vin might just be catching on.

The deer look rough this Spring.

Have you seen them?     Some look great and many others look like they are just getting there.    Just holding on.      The hard Winter and the very smart idea to release so many deer eating species on them has really done a good job to build our deer herds.
Good luck in seeing a buck like the one above this Fall.      T are mostly eaten by the dam shitty dogs the state released on them.     
Deer have became the wild rabbit of NYS.     Remember the days when you could fill bags with rabbits and have a good meal?      Hardly ever see a rabbit anymore.     They have been eaten up too.
This little guy has a one in five chance of making it to any size before the wild dogs eat him up.     It really pissed me off when the state released more deer eaters a few years ago and now the deer are really messed up.     But the state will tell you that they are under control.
When do the coyotes become a real problem you ask?    When they have eaten all the deer and need your house cat as a snack.     Just wait for that.
O and the DEC says not to help the deer in any way to find food.     That would make them dependent on humans.     Just let them starve.

NYS has set a season to hunt Elk! O but there are none.

To bad they don't live anywhere in the state anymore.      They were killed out years ago.     Just some more crazy shit from a state that doesn't have a clue.      How and the hell could a large group like the DEC of NY not know that Elk are long gone?  
Also they set a season for Moose.     Now yes we have some of them.    Not many.    But maybe enough for a limited hunt.      I don't really know if it is such a great idea to hunt a species that isn't all that strong in NYS!      You really don't see many of them around the ponds.