Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A gymness with a big butt?

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Well yes it happens.   She is doing more than you or me to keep trim.

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Admit it.     You just moved from one side of the chair to the other.     She is doing her thing!

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She is rocking it.
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Wow I really like her (above).    All is nice up there.

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Bat girl with a big butt working out?     Maybe.

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Okay I think we got it.    OMG those tow above are hugging or something.

Is nude art offensive?

Women Lovers by the Australian artist Charles Blackman

If you post this on Face Book....The system will take it down.    But is it all that bad?   I like it.   Not for the nude.    For the love it portrays.......Okay it's the nice ass.    I in some way get it. 

We run to much control over the net......I promise you this is a bad thing.

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From air-planes to street lights.....The net in some way makes them click.     One major outage....Who knows how we will end out?     It's a disaster waiting to happen.    But we continue to put all our eggs in one basket.    Think why that has always been a real bad thing.

God help us if the Government here spreads world wide!


Realize that if you do anything in your life time to make the world better.....Don't elect this guy as our president.....EVER!

Well you need insurance on your offensive ass!

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Some have a deadly weapon in their ass.    I know it isn't a gun.   But it is just as stupid to require insurance against farts as it is to require me to have liability insurance on my 22 pistol.    But the liberals keep playing their games.

I know the paper is making their fun...BUT!

There was a good plan for everyone last night.    You just have to do your part to make the dream come true.   Saying we will never stamp out crime is just self defeating.   Sure we could.   If everyone stopped being a fucking criminal.    That one solves it's self.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


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Nothing more to tell you about.  

Image result for round big butts

Image result for round big butts

Image result for round big butts

Red head with big round ass....OMG how do we live without it?

Image result for round big butts

Image result for round big butts

Image result for round big butts

Okay just enough......For now kind of thing.
Image result for round big butts

Yes that is me.

I put the pounds back on this last two weeks.    Because I just said screw it.    It sucks.  

There is nothing like a loyal friend in this life.

Feel lucky if you can find one.     Because they only come once.   

Today's runner up ass!

Photo published for #chilling @mandycfit

Almost just as OMG.    Okay we should have a run off.    Don't have enough time.  

This should make everyone mad.

This fine idem is already off the shelves.     Chicken greatness is over.     Fort now.    They will bring it back.     BUT WHEN?

Today's fine ass!


Line up to have a GOOD LOOK!

The second movie is in the works.

I can not wait to see the above little lady do her thing again.   First movie gave much more then promised.    Second should really deliver.   

Our courts suck!

Dude starved a kid....almost to death.    The court lets him plead to assault to avoid more time in jail.   The so called man should be in a rat infested cage,   hanging from a roof top.    But that is just not in the cards.    I promise you.....Take a good look.....He will be back in this picture one day.   That is what we have in this country.    Door just keeps on swinging.

The net wins the battle aggainst brick.

JC Penny is the next in a long run of stores to throw the flag down.     Due to the Net selling all,   and more,  of the same stuff.     Many more stores are closing.    One day.....Daddy what was this Mall thing?

The Oscurs.....OMG if only they would have put time into the movie awards.

Time into who won this or that,   and forget the political shit....No big errors.    Entertainment.   Fun.   People wouldn't have been sad they really didn't win best movie.   All that.    Time for Holly-Hole to change it's ways.    Or die.   We the people are sick of the pony show.

How many times do we need to hear it?

NO FUCKING RUSSIANS!      Man has nothing to do with being a Russian puppet.   As much as all the little Hill-Dog lovers want it.    Simple ploy to remove the man from office,   but it's dumb.    It has wasted enough time.    Plus even for some crazy reason you ditch the man,   HILLARY still DOES NOT WIN!     She LOST!

Monday, February 27, 2017