Thursday, October 27, 2016

Next week...your free late lunch at the Bell.

Some dude in the series took a base,   so on Nov. 2nd   2pm to 6pm   a free taco can be had by all.     Now at least buy something else.     Soda,   something. 

Cake Girls....what is that? Look and learn.

Image result for nina kayy

Big slice of ass!

It's a mag.    I want a copy.

There is a hell of a bunch of photos,  videos,  and more on the link. 

Haunted Bars interest you?


This place looks haunted.    Well it does.   Go to the Fireball link ,  and see what could be just a few miles from you. 

Today's very hot chicks.

Welcome to the BALL PARK!

Those pants are ready to pop.


She is 50 cents baby moma.   OMG that kid is lucky.


I always wondered why the man was so dam happy.    Answer has been given.

That girl is a tall drink....DAM!

Thor's day two for...OMG!

I wasn't going to add another today.....But dam she had to be added today!

Nina Kayy's ass is impressive.

Image result for nina kayy

Yes it's big.    But yes it's dam powerful.    Tight,  firm,  and well worth having some fun with...If she wants you to.

Image result for nina kayy

Face it,    the front view is all there too.

Are you asking who she is?     I'm not doing all the work....go find out some facts on your own. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cut my dam forehead!

Image result for cut on forehead

Little deeper than above,   and more vertical.    Dam it hurts!    Piss on me.    I went into the back room ,  left light out,    and ran right into a nail sticking out.     Shit!   O well ,  not the first time,  and not the last. 

Toxic crap in kid's make ups!

Cute little five years old boy, having his face painted

I love using the kits on Halloween.    But I guess you better be careful.    Read the link.   It's a big WOW!     

Call Bill Clinton the FIRST BAGGAGE!

Bill Clinton floated a potential new job title for himself if Hillary Clinton wins the White House: 'What I hope to be is first volunteer,' he told in Kinston, North Carolina 

I prefer dude who got away with rape a bunch of times,   but that's just me.     He wants us to call him first volunteer.     I want to call him ,  and the Hill Dog,  out of here!

This Vortex deal won't mean much to most of you....But...

It is a local 4th an. event.

It's just one of the cool spots in our town.

Today's Hot Moma's!

Okay she might not be someone's Mom,  but yes she is hot!

Okay I admit it,    the gym does a body good.

She is training to be a movie star,   just my thought.


If a truck was coming,   I would not see it. 

NASA states the Hole is getting smaller.

Image result for ozone hole

This is the ozone hole in 2013.     Large,  and still not any real big danger yet.

Image result for ozone hole

This year it's smaller.     NASA states one day soon it should be gone.    I guess that is a good thing.    It's been up there for billions of years.    But at one time we were making it a bad thing.   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You as a party don't like Hillary, and you still vote for her?

Image result for dunce meme

Is it me?     I won't vote for a person I don't like.    But it is a well know fact that the DEM's are going to mark Hillary's name anyway.     Women mostly hate her,  and are still going to vote for her.     What is it?     

Image result for dunce meme

Are we going to hand down to the kids the idea,   we hated her,  and we still wanted a lady president?     I mean most of them are dumb already.    
Image result for dunce meme

Plus we get the baggage!      You know what it is.     Look at it!

Image result for dunce meme

Not all men are pigs like Batman.     I promise it.     Some of us love the idea of a strong lady in D.C.     

Image result for dunce meme

Do yourself a favor.    Don't vote for that women.   Heck if you can't vote for the MAN,    vote for one of the other party people.    Gary is a bit weird,   and so is Jill.    But they are liked by most,    smart,    and not EVIL!

Our President brags about his health care system online...People are dead.

He won't have to hear a doctor tell a loved one that they are going to die do to the price being way to much.     Insurance won't fix it,  sorry.   Go home,  and a care giver will help you.   No big deal.    

Image result for polosi

All they want us to see is Russia.    Nothing more. 

Dude ran himself over while leaving a strip club!

Image result for crash gifs

That's why we need the time machine.     Could reverse running your leg over,   having your new truck crash into a house,  hurting a lady,    and the fact you are real drunk outside a Florida Strip Club.     Yes sir, eeeeee. 

Deadpool Two having problems, it shouldn't have.

Miller left the project due to fights with the red man.     That will make problems.   I like Miller's work.     Without him,   it could suck ass. 

Here is another great lunch I won't see here.

Yes raw on the shell goodness.    Have had them a few times.   Just love the tastes,  colors,  and the treat of it all.    I'd love to live on that part of the world.    Maybe one day., 

Something we need in this cold ass part of the country.

Hat with wireless headphones built in.    Amazing idea.    

This young girl wants a WALL!

She spends hours running a open boarder to keep us safe.    I tend to think we are not winning this battle. 

Image result for hot mexican boarder chick

It really is to bad we couldn't find a way to leave the boarders open.    So much good life there ,  and here.
Image result for hot mexican boarder chick

Even the badlands have such a look to them.    Mountains,   rivers,  and mostly nice people.

Image result for hot mexican boarder chick

But not all.     Not by a far are all okay to come across that boarder unchecked.    

Today's dream lunch.

I say dream,  because we have no place around here that could make the above.    I like the glass jar holding fries thing.    That's real cool. 

Today's big ass.....but nice.

Like A Boss indeed. 

Whooty!    For real that's how she listed her butt.

O yes that is Aletta Ocean.    Look her up. 

Tight,  upright. 

OMG that above is NICE!