Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today is Itty Bitty Titties Day!

Itty Bitty Titties Day is in your house.        Let's see what we can make of this.
Yes they are small, yes they are dam near perfect.
Yes she has a ass that doesn't quit.
Nice body art.
Just very hot lines.

Eva Jane – Valenthi
Yellow and mellow.
O my.
This girl would and has made you shit!

Okay they look small.....But they are BIG!

I had to let some larger cup sizes in today.
Okay I won't tell.
Tuck them and pop them out.....Yes it's a good day.
Okay they never looked small.     But yes they had to appear today.

Little titty song!

                                          You know the way this one plays...enjoy it.

Would they have been big stars with little bitty tits?

Britney Spears, Breast Implants, Augmentation
Britney?      Okay maybe, she can sing.
Hilary Swank, Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery
Hilary?      Okay yes it would not have mattered that much.
Pam?      Yes she would have failed without the girls
Besides that.....she had major work done.

O yes much better.

This girl claims her small tits give her a big heart.

The video proves it.
You almost have to agree with her.

Lady gym teacher (with small tits) rapes the hell out of 16 year old dude!

Megan the gym teacher decided she wanted a young 16 year old dude from her class and made it happen.     O problem is she did it 30 times at least and got caught.     Sorry but the fun is over son.    She goes to jail and the dude cries himself to sleep every night.    
Megan Mahoney in her team photo from Wagner College.
Yes for a gym teacher she had it going on.     
Yes this was our gym teacher.
Not this fine young lady.
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Why does everyone want to go to gym class?     

These ladies made their boobs bigger to get better roles in the movies.

Victoria Beckham went from 34dd to 34b cup to be taken serious in the movies.   Thank you!
Tara Reid had enough, still she somehow got some more.
Kym Marsh went the other way.     She wanted the natural look and went smaller.    Hey they still look good.

Young small tits and the fun some girls have with them.

Yes the link takes you to a special place where girls play with other girl's boobs.   
Yes the tits are small.     The action is big.

A dating sight where everyone is looking for small tits?

Picture of freakinoffice
This is one of the dudes on the sight.     OMG what?
Picture of QueerShakespeare
One of the ladies that will catch your eye.
Picture of MentalArmour
Okay she looks okay.     But is there damage hidden there?
Yes you know the damage.
Believe me there are much crazier dating sights out there....Look at the link.
Yup it was just a matter of time.

Girl in the UK had her boobs made big and wanted tax payers to help her reduce them!

Free health care in the UK will build some girls a big rack if they want     The girl in the link had a L4800 dollar breast job and didn't like it.     She now wants a new job and a reduction.
Josie Cunningham
I see nothing special about her any way.     Big or small it just didn't make that much difference.
The local rags didn't even give her a large place on the covers.     
Now if it was Lauren Goodger......I'd say she deserved some help.
                                            These girls know why small is better.
Would you pay the lady above to help her out?       No I would not.    She spent it, deal.