Friday, May 27, 2016

Heard a crazy story of war and training troops.

See the safety end cap on the end of the RPG?      Some dude was telling me that some of the other sides guys are slipped the know how on how to be ready to kill at a minutes notice.    Take off the cap and be ready to fire.     What some don't realize is,   if you trip and hit the nose on the ground,    you blow up.     So as a "I'm bored by these dudes kind of game!",    they bet on when they will screw up ,  and go bang.      Or they used to.    Maybe some new guys realize it's not so good to pull the cover?    Maybe? 

Someone on the Red Dawn movie set knew about the cap,    it's off.

Some of thes ships can take a hit and keep dancing. 

Ronald's answer to $15 an hour?

Screw you!       I have robots all ready to replace your ass!      Don't screw with the Billions we make.   You sir can be replaced!

Just sad. Everyone get's screwed in the movies....even kids.

I mean no winder Haim was so messed up.      What would you feel like if the movie house traded you for favors,    sold you,  allowed grown men to have sex with you,   and put you in movies?      You would be screwed up.       Most like die real early.     It's sad. 

Now you are still alive,   and your childhood friend is long gone.     Do you tell?     I'm glad he told.      That kind of crap goes on to much.     People get away with it,   becasue they spend millions to make us happy in malls.      

Summer Shorts are COMING!


Tell me you are not more than ready to look.

One word..... DANG!

Here you go ladies.....some of you guys....I don't judge.

Man I would love to have the pack to wear the above.    Maybe one day.


Yes that's Britney above.     She hasn't fell off to bad.    Okay she is still hot.

Man....Turn up the heat.     Go get me a beer.    

The Mayor and I had some thoughts.

This should be saved.     We know the place for it.    It is just a matter of time and some cash to get it there.     Hey maybe it will happen.

Important....Coast Guard can go on your boat and search anytime.

You better have Rambo aboard if you don't want a search in the water.     Because the boys can now go onto your boat any time they see fit.      They can tear it up too.     

Hello! Sorry we Nuked you.

And we would do it again if you ever became the country you were back then.     Understand it.   We were not the aggressive country,    killing thousands of Chinese,   and dropping bombs all over the ocean.     We just ended out being the nation that had to stop all the madness.

It's one of my Grand Dad's sayings that makes me know the answer.     If you pull the trigger,  there is no going back,   it is over right there,    and you better not have a reason to be sorry.   

FIREBALL this weekend!

I think after today I have mostly kicked the problems with congestion plus more.     I want to get falling down happy this weekend.     Fireball is a drink that can help me get there.    Off to the Pub Sunday or Monday. 

Big fight ahead for the White-House by the ladies.

Hillary Clinton; Feminist; Jill Stein

Strong ladies are getting ready to look for the Women's votes.       I like Jill more.     She is at least not faking the "I'm for the ladies". 

It is going to be a hot Summer....Safety tip....

white yoga shorts tanned girl

Find a nice girlfriend,    and drink plenty of water. 

NYS is the most expensive in everything.

But the government studies show Rent is the most in our state on average.    Wow who would have known that?      Dude!      Whys so many stupid studies?

Just Ask A New York State Person!    We are bent over every week!

Now you don't have to feel bad after the hit and run.

Most new cars will have spots on the front that make a run over not so damaging.     So heck just keep going,   never look back. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

They gave her a stern talking to.

If the Russians had my top secret Email ,   well I hope I'd be in jail.     But this lady above gets a talking to.     Stern looks.    You are a bad girl!     Don't do it again.     I can tell you without thinking,  if she was any other person who worked in government,    her top secret clearance would be GONE!     How can she be allowed any more Top Secret Anything?    Who knows what she lost to others through the net?    It's just wrong to hand her a slap on the hand,  and let her go on as if it was not big deal. 

Dustin (screech) can not stay out of jail.

Behind bars: Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond was arrested for allegedly violating parole Wednesday

The dude loves being in.     I bet he is treated special by some.      Dude must be just a piece of poop.     He should be able to turn it around.      But he just doesn't.     You start to wonder if kid stars are only happy being put away,   only time we remember them.    Maybe so? 

Squirrel sized Rats in Florida?

Shit yes!      O and they went into the people's homes by the hundreds.      O shit that would suck.     I'd burn down my home.      Live in a tent with sharp electric wire around it.   

Some of the one term guys stuck it our butt....again!

Sad that they only wanted one term.     But I guess that now is the answer.      The one lady has had more than one shot.     She just used up all hers.      They tax hiked us.      We need to vote them out.     Just that simple.     O I just didn't see it at first.    No nose and the Mayor wear the same suits.    Now that's special.     Same ties too.     WOW!   

Okay I take back one part.      Cody may have saved himself.    He said no.    Was just out voted.   

This card is most of us.

Only way I can see it,     if that one in a life time lotto win comes in!     

Which hole do you like the most?


Hard to pick .....

I was super bummed out.

I saw a sign for fresh farm eggs..... $3.00 a dozen.      I said in the mourning....I will stop tonight and get them.     OMG I stopped,    was ready to pay,    and dam it,   all gone!     Maybe this weekend?      

Can you buy better cameras?

This is a local break in to a school,  caught on camera,   and please help us to ID.      Even if I knew someone wears boots like those,    I can't tell anything about them.     It might as well be Bigfoot in that picture.    In fact.....

Okay I found the answer.      This is a blurry shot taken in Jersey of a Bigfoot.    It's Bigfoot that broke into that school.     Start looking.