Friday, August 1, 2014

Another very smart teacher....NOT!

Teacher Threatened To Fail Student For Ending Sexual Relationship: Cops

She sold her students pot and told one of them she was going to have sex with him or he was going to fail her class.      So the kid turned her in.     Hard to say he wasn't stupid.    She is a bit hot.     But the boy told mommy and was rewarded with a hug.    Now another lady teacher is in jail.    

I would have had to bang her once and turn her in later.      That seems like a good plan.

Okay....till you get old and I decide to get another stupid teacher.

Okay......Mark me as passing.

Have a nice time in prison......Prove the baby is mine.

Dude robbed a place and came back later for lunch!

Man Robs Restaurant Then Returns For Lunch

Look at the link.     he didn't even try to hide his face from the cameras.      He even came back with the same hat on.      I mean he really is simple in the head.  

This town cop was stealing his son's girl's underwear!

Little sniffing going on you ask?       Well I bet that is just what went down.      He took his son's girlfriend's underwear many times and got caught.      

Man maybe not many of us could stop ourselves from taking a pair and seeing what the smell like.

Man this fine young lady has a whole set to grab.

Germans want the largest penis they can get!

11.6m surgical procedures were estimated to have taken place worldwide in 2013.
Who gets the most penis pumping in the world you ask?     Germany loves to have their penis made larger.     They have the most operations per capita.       Wow I some how knew it too.
They have it on the mind.
Well I guess it's a hobby.
Dumb-Bow has us all beat.      Good for him!

Black cats don't look good in selfies?

That's what the RSPCA said and they rejected the pics.     Are you kidding me?      What's next?     Gold fish didn't move around enough?

Follow up on bee killing......They killed the 50 thousand bees with foam!

St. Charles bee crash
They look like Ghost Busters.     The bees had to die.    They were killers.      50 thousand honey bees were killed.      The house was emptied of them by the trunk fills.     I can't believe they killed a creature for doing what it does.    Seems like they could have saved some of them and sold them to bee keepers.    I hear all the time bees are getting rare.    One stupid dude crashed into them and dies and all the bees have to die?      I bet not all of them were guilty.

Lady gave birth at lunch and threw away the baby in a field....Sure she went back to work.

Woman gives birth in her lunch break and abandons her newborn daughter in field
I don't know why they would afford her a blur out.     She is a piece of crap.    
How do you hide being pregnant in these days, give birth at lunch, throw the baby aside in a field, and go back to work like nothing is wrong?     

Friday's one cum shot after another.


Bog boobs milf Charlee Chase gets buckets of salty jizz spurted on her tits from Jeremy. Cumblastcity
It might seem like a strange Friday activity.      It's just amazing.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dude just had no fucking luck at all!

Dude goes crashing into a empty home.     No one lives there.    So you say he was lucky as hell not to have hurt anyone?      Well the house wasn't all together empty.

The place has so many bees in it that after they attacked the dude over and over again, no one could get near the place to save him.

Sorry dude!     Would like to run in there and help......Fuck that!

That's when you try to make what you can from it.....

bees. Roses are red violets are blue killer bees are all over you.. Jesus tittyfucking Christ on a tricycle that man has some goddamn balls.

Hey at least the car crash didn't hurt you dude......I tried.

If it's raining and cold you cant.......

Eat your friend's butt down in the pool.    


love blog

Get nude and kiss without sheets.

Play with your boobs till they get ....okay nothing will happen.

Have a nice sweat covered water adventure out in your dad's pool house with your friend from college.

Get a hand job from that young lady you met at the Nice And Easy down the street.



Get another one later in the day from your wife.     See it all will work out nice if the sun stays out.