Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dam right the boys fought for it!

Not sure these kids are real good.    But okay.

Japan is going to clean up space.

Japan's unmanned cargo spacecraft, "Kounotori" is to blast off from the southern island of Tanegashima around 10:30 pm

The above will go to space,    collect junk.    Than one day become junk,   I am sure. 

Now they are ripping off China with the windmills.

China made extensive use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)—created under the Kyoto Protocol—to set up green projects such

Sorry,   you might not feel the same.    But till these big pieces of crap can store the energy they make for long times,   to be used,    don't build them!     They are a waste of good money,   and products.     Only person getting rich off them are the companies that sell them . 

That little guy has been in amber for thousands of years.

Just caught in time.    For ever. 

Do you wonder if Domino's is going to make it?

Image result for dominos big pizza

I remember when they started out.    Heck I worked in one for awhile.    Great place to get a good pizza at a good price.

Image result for dominos big pizza

Wings were good.    

Now you call,    and you never get the same price.     No real cool specials.    I think they are on the way off the street.    This latest game they have up,    just isn't what they need.    Giving away stocks.    Really.    How about a large 15 piece sheet pizza again?    

Saturday's OMG Chick! Aline Riscaado.



She is a bit darker above.    Omg she is hot. 


Aline Riscado's BODY!


Just run the train on her. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

They say to watch for a glitch in our matrix.

This picture proves they happen. 

The Blunt Santa.

No naughty or nice list.....Just rich,   and poor. 

Image result for dirty santa

Shut up kid,   find my pants.

Image result for dirty santa

I bet one or two hear that this year. 

I would have loved this lunch.

 Twin Stuffed Lobsters

I just didn't get the above.     Stuffed double lobster.    OMG now that is the way to go. 

One of our puppets has been impeached.

Image result for geun hye

Geun-Hye President of South Korea has been voted out by her people.     They loath her.

Two dudes that got super rich from being a kind of less than that guy/guy.

Jobs and Gates.    Jobs burned out fast ,  and is gone.    Gates,   he will never be poor. 

Remember the largest limo ????

She has seen better days.    She still is the largest limo on the planet.    She need some real love.

You could try to buy her.

Holy Shit she is today's hot chick.

Nothing bad above.    Not one bad curve. 

Her butt would clap your hand right off. 

I am not sure which one I find the hottest. 

Darn it,   they cut off her head.    

Work that tight butt.    

Ok ok.....on my way to something else. 

Real American has left us.

A man who (think about it) allowed himself to be put on top of a bomb ,  and be balsted into space.     Brave doesn't cover it. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What we miss already....Naked girls in Summer.

Yes the link takes you to nice sunny days,   hot naked chicks,   and better times.   

Yes.....It blew my mind to girl!

Just a warning...There is some real nasty stuff on there.   Not all just nice little naked butts.     I went by the nasty quick,   made it okay. 

If you are hunting in a tree....Put a rope on yourself!

Image result for tree hunting safety

You can get this real cheap from any store.    Wear it!

Image result for tree hunting safety

They make real fancy stuff too.     I can say,  it is easy to loose your grip ,  and next thing you are broken all up on the ground.     i had it happen at work,   off a ladder.    Bad stuff. 

Check the box next to STUPID!

Vadim Imperioli, the son of Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli, was arrested for the swastika graffiti Wednesday, cops said.

Michael Imperioli played Christopher Moltisanti on "The Sopranos."

Son and dad don't fall far off the stupid tree.     Dad has had many problems over the years.    Son goes out putting NAZI crap on buildings.     Dudes both need to just go for a long stay in prison.     See the real life as a criminal.     

Remember when toys were safe....safer?

These fine units could cut of a kid's arm.     Leg.     I mean really?    You wouldn't test them eight ways to Sunday?    It's a kid using this crap!     Company should be raided,   shut down for good.    End of story.    You can't take the time for kid's sake,   you should not be making stuff for kids to play with. 

Life Expectancy is going down in America.

Image result for who cares gifs

I believe the news thinks that is a shock to us.    What you said?   It is not?    We are fat,  eat like it is going out of fashion,    and just don't care.     I myself don't want to be real old,  in a wheelchair,    in an old folk's home.    Wet diaper.    No real food.    Shit on that!

Egg Burger! Time to eat the real breakfast of champions.

Denny's serves a real good one.    Might have to go tonight?