Friday, October 20, 2017

No hate....Just hugs.

Restaurant’s Popeyes secret gets outed on YelpImage result for nazi surrounded by protesters

Dude came to protest something wearing a NAZI arm badge.    No one beat the crap out of him.    They hugged him and told him they felt bad for him.     They had no hate for him.   Please feel better kind of thing.   Not sure how he took it.    But dang that is what is needed! 

Was the chicken still good? Yes? Who cares?

Restaurant’s Popeyes secret gets outed on YelpImage result for popeyes chicken

So a old style Southern hot spot gets caught serving the greatness that is Popeye's Chicken out of their kitchen....That a problem?    I love their chicken.     I have seen local hot spots open up cans of food and serve it as if they made it fresh.    Who hasn't?     I think some people ruin it for everyone,  when it is not needed.    

Big Pharma feeds drugs to people PERIOD!

The pharmaceutical industry attempted to place blame for the crisis on the millions who have became addicted instead of the mass prescribing of powerful opioids.

Go to a doctor today for a check up.    See how many meds you get handed to you.    Yes some are good,   need them.    Others are way off the charts.   Pain meds!     You get them for a tooth coming out!     Anyone can deal with a little pain like that.    But the powers that be push the crap. 

Tom Marino might have withdrawn from consideration as Trump’s drug czar, but drug money is coursing through the veins of Congress – contributing directly to an epidemic that kills thousands of Americans each year

People gave up or they are working again....

US unemployment claims fall to lowest in 44 years

On Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, the Labor Department reports on the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits a week earlier.

I do have to say I see many help wanted signs all over the area.     So I guess this means there are jobs and people are taking them again.    

I just don't buy that North Crap Hole Korea will ever attack us.

CIA director Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that President Donald Trump is determined to prevent North Korea from making the breakthrough 'whether it happens on Tuesday or a month from Tuesday'

This man plays on our worse fears to push a budget or something else.     It is time to start laughing at all this crap.    I know China and Russia could destroy us five times or more and we manage to survive every night.     When do we just say.....COME ON!    DO IT!   ????

These two former Presidents don't think they made the problems we face today?

Image result for obama fail

One made everyone hate each other,    spent way to much,    and almost broke our country's back. 

Image result for president bush

The other put us into a forever war with people we may never be able to stop fighting with and was let's face it.....very much full of lies. 

So sick of the press putting UP stories about NUKES and more...

If it happens....we will never know.     Just try to find some death and murders...please.    Anything but this stupid worry about the end of times.    Anything. 

Isn't this nice?     Story about a country walk way and all it's goodness.    Better.    A slow down of the Sun and all that.   

Aaaaa I just want to play ball....

Well in this case she does too....Just a different game. 

The powders do make the ass...

Or maybe the time in the gym?   

The Dodge Brothers started out on two wheels....

They opened their first company selling bikes.    They also invented the bearings that all bikes use today to turn the wheels.    Ford later needed them to make the same thing for his first cars off the line.     They had a small start.    But a great one. 

Her pink....

Yes pink yoga pants....

Don't forget to go and get a Deer Burger on Saturday...

I work 30 miles away from one on a Saturday and I am still going to figure a way to get it.

Cape Vincent NY....Where the Tall Ships still sale.

Just an amazing place to go through a baited line in the water and enjoy the Sun.    It is like going back into the past and still having modern.     It is a great mix.    I have lived around the area for my whole time on this planet.    If you ever get a chance....Well take it!

Room Service! Fluff Your Pillow?


Dive deep into....

Do not dress your five year old as a Hooters anything....

I drove by and said...Cool yard display!

O it wasn't a Halloween thing?     Real?    O!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's almost Halloween....Find a Goth Girlfriend.

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Hell she is ready for the big day....every day!

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Barbie Goth.

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Think about the time it took her to get that makeup just right....
Image result for hot goth girl gifs


Image result for hot goth girl gifs

My God she is more than I could handle.....You?

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

So why did you walk down that street last night?    Aaaaaaa not sure I can tell you.

Image result for hot goth girl gifs


Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Ax me baby!

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Blood will drip!   Maybe other things too?

Image result for hot goth girl gifs

Yes you are correct...she does look like Abby from NCIS.   O wait is it?

Image result for goth girls kissing gifs

Okay put it away....

Image result for goth girls kissing gifs

I love you too kind of thing?   YUP!

Image result for goth girls kissing gifs

Hey look over here....WOW!

Image result for goth girls kissing gifs

yes...Just my point.

Image result for goth girls kissing gifs

YES NOW IT'S A PARTY.... see you Friday!

14 pound spore found in a field....

My Grand Dad claimed they were good to eat.    I never have had one. 

Yes make it....

Ha....someone has a great humor going.

Or they are a bit sick?