Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is That A Ghost In My Photo?

user posted image
Real every day photos where weird shit showed up.    You judge if they mean anything.     I think some are real crazy ghosts trying to be seen.
user posted image
Dudes claim there was no weird  freak in the area of the tree before they shot the photo.
That shit just curls your hair on your back.    See them? 
I swear that is a dead person hoping someone will come home.
Again they swear there was no weird figure behind the tree that day.    OMG it looks so weird!
You judge what that is by the trees.    It looks like a little girl in a hood.    Fuck I would never go back there.
Don't know about you.    I needed a laugh.


Have to face it.    many of us need plus sized everything.     I am 6-6 and over 300 and yes plus sized is the answer.
Nothing wrong with admitting you need plus sized.
It still looks dam good.
That is dam cool.
I don't even know what she is and I like it.
Yes sometimes this is the get out big dudes get.
Yes!      Plus sized Sailor MOON!


More of these women with wide hips pics coming. Enjoy!
Yes this is for sure an sample of large hips and wide ass.    You into it?
Hot nice white woman’s butt pic
A very large ass all it takes to get the juices flowing?
love wide hips
Is this the ticket home?
Porn and sexy underwear. Porn and women with nice asses the best in the world.
Panties so big you make a sail from them?
Wide hips nude woman. Yes She shows her vagina too. Enjoy the pics.
Someone said "Wow that is wide" and you heard it echo?
By the sea.
Small and tight more the thing in your life?
Fantastic one.
Tight jean shorts a big turn on?
Bouncing round tiny butt.
The buns of steal that could crush you if you don't move fast enough?

by @Irias

By the sea.
So itty bitty and pink?

Simply Glorious (F)

Oh yeah.
Or itty bitty and tan?
Maybe something a bit in between?
Or just as far out there as you dare to go?
Soft, full, and more loving than most of us will ever get.
The best of all the worlds just turned away and is walking.....You better come up with the line.
Just pure talent!
You just want the show to never end.

More sexy nude halloween!

Yes the nude lady cop!
Yes slutty cat!
Batgirl who loves to get naked.
The dirty little devil!
The drunk chick who had a custom earlier.
Your friends mom.....Yes you should.   

You Really worried about NYC Ebola over crazy men with an ax trying to kill police?

This guy!      The NYC police had to shot and ask questions later as a crazed man with an ax ran through the city streets.     O yes he claims some religious shit too.
This lady works a NYC haunted house.......How would you like her in a dark alley?
Think hard.....What brings this evil shit to life in a major American city?      Do we have it so hard here?     Is our system that bad?     I don't get it.

Here is the video....PORN OF THE DEAD!

A film by Rob Rotten!       A film that will change zombies for you forever!
Staring DJ Vapor!
Yes just crazy shit like this!      You still here?      Click the link.....GO!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Real Sex Ghost Caught On Tape? Well maybe!

  Dude claims a ghost sucks the life out of him every night.   He caught it on camera....Watch and judge it for yourself.      It could be real.
Man if the graveyard is rocking don't bother knocking?
Wow they are all over the back yard!
Yes just this lady's luck.......Her sex ghost is a big fat naked dude!
You won't be this lucky to have a ghost like this.....I just bet.
Yes this is more like it for most of us.    O yes she will stab you.

Zombies will be out in about a week.

Zombie chicks that is.      Hot zombie chicks who want to eat you.    Parts of you anyway.
O and they made a porn called Porn Of The Dead.     Check out the link.
Now sure it is very gross to have your sex partner eat your guts as you do it.      But it has to be expected in the long run if you date a zombie.
Sure some of them look hot.     God knows they will do just about anything.
But it can go all bad real fast.     I suggest dating a dirty witch.
Maybe you get some nasty sex related virus or something, you are still alive with all your body parts.