Monday, May 2, 2016

Hot Chicks With Tats. Some nude.

Nude on the link anyway....

OMG she is covered and yes hot!


Hot chick and not over done.

Jaaaaa WOW!

Head to head fun.

OMG she is sexy.

The pink hair does it all.

Go to the link.     So many nice (cute) chicks there.     

Lady puts her kids outside, ties them up too.

Porucha Denise Phillips

I couldn't even read about her reasons.     She put here two toddlers out in the yard in Texas,  and tied them up.      You read it if you want.   


Pub landlady Michelle Craggs was appalled to be taken to court over ‘a mouthful’ of beer – after a trainee barman served a pint of ale just short of the full measure at the Fleece Inn North Yorkshire

Lady in England stated she was shorted one sip.     Sued the pub.    After reading the link,   not sure anyone came out ahead.      Leave it to people in that country to be worried about not getting their full amount of beer.     Wow!

First ever in man years US ship arrives in Cuba.


I would love to take a ride on a ship to Cuba.      Buy some cigars.     Drink a bit.    They have the best fishing on the planet.      The old cars.    Beaches.     Just the place to go to. 

Which alien race do you get them from?

Contacts that can record video and play it back.      Looks like alien tech to me.      

Sony filed a patent application (pictured), published earlier this month, revealing how smart lenses would use movements of the eyelids to activate various functions

Sony is just way ahead of everyone else,  or they made a deal with the space folks.    Not sure which. 


Prince has nothing in the part of a will.     So here is your chance if mom ever told you Prince was your daddy.     Get a lawyer. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

So sick of Arm Chair Generals!

War is hard.     War destroys us all.      But it is what it is for a soldier.      You think our boys feel good when they cut a bunch of bombs loose over a city?      They know where they are going. Asian town called the Town Of Bombs.      There is more bombs than people there.     From a long forgotten war.      Now former presidents and our current one is asking for men to be brought to justice for a bombing run gone wrong.       During WW2 our army took out peace filled German cities.     It just was what it was.     One or two by error.    many others were on the battle plans.     We toasted two Japanese cities with two very large bombs.      War is hell.      Sick.      But how do you say we should bring soldiers to court for doing their job?    I don't get it.

I am so mad about that poor dude years ago in Africa who shot a kid who ran at his tank.    Kid was trying to take his sunglasses.       The dude thought attack.     I still think he was just doing what some drill taught him to do.      Kids love tanks,    our guys don't like kids running at them. 

What are you going to do in the above deal?      Talk them down?  

Apollonia is not dead!

Apollonia Kotero Prince Death

I heard she was gone last week on just about every news show.     She is alive. 

You can not stop yourself from going after a crazy chick.

You want to walk away.    You can not.

You just might have joined her gang.

She just told you.....It Never Happened....Go home!

You just woke up.    Went into the kitchen.....What?

Sure the cops told you that you started a fire.    Doesn't sound like you or me.   Must have been her. 

You know what day it is?

To most it is the first day of the Spring season.    May really is it.    Should be the turn around.  

It has been a day that is special for many a year.

Just the time to say......Screw You Winter!

Starts out in Roman days.     Goddess of Flowers has her day.    Pre-Jesus.      Think about that.    So many years ago,   and we still remember the day.    

O Johnny Football is on the way down.

Dude was out in a bar this week.    Had trays of Fireball he ordered lined up for all.      Was just wasted!       I think he knows jail is coming.  

Dude has been hit hard with the drug use problems.     Drinking is not his friend.    

So darn sad.     He had everything.      Now he may just be in orange at the county lock down. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Let them fear our defense systems!

Some of the countries are telling us we have no right to put defense systems all over the globe.    O well we will just let them fly on us.....right?   

Heck just aim them at us..... We should just laugh.

Look world!     We have it.     We will use it.     It's a must for our country.      Da!

Going to join the $20 shave club today.

You can go to any drug store and buy a package for $20 .      It should cover you for months.   

I have used this above for about a year.    It works well.    But dude you have to be real careful.   It will cut the shit out of your face.    

It is easy to get blood all over your shirt,    o and it hurts for days.

Logan's this mourning. Trying to win a red snapper.


Almost Three Grand and it could be mine today.     Or yours if you are in the drawing.    I hope me.    

Time to get the hippy hair gone!

I get it long buzzed every Spring.      It is longer than the girl's hair above.    Time to get the man look back.     So much easier to deal with in the Summer. 

MY demo gets clean today.

It's not this bad.      But it needs a good going through.     Inside and out.     It's a must do.    Sick of it kind of smelling,   kind of dusty,    and kind of dirty outside. 

How I feel this fine MOURNING!

Very weird.     Like something is going down....some where.      Be aware of it.    Keep ready for anything.     Not sure what it is.    Spider senses are at the high!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Rap your mind around this.

I remember riding a board.    Would love to try this above.    OMG SO COOL!

It's that time at the colleges.....


Finals Week Has Just Begun, The Librarians At My School Just Put This Up

I totally get this sign.      If you have never had a finals week facing you down.....well I can not educate you.      When I went years ago,    I remember kids just leaving and going home.    Couldn't take the pressure.    

Wow that's cheap!

Picture of the piece of cardboard with flames painted on it, stuck on top of the monument

Russians only lit the eternal flame when it really is special.    The rest of the time a paper flame does the job.     

Gas is not that expensive.....well it isn't here.