Saturday, July 4, 2015

How do the little skinny dudes eat so many Hotdogs?

Dude who won Nathan's hotdog contest looks like he shouldn't be able to eat one.     But he killed it and was even an upset.

Bunch of sodium  facing you here!

Chug the water boys and girls!      Funny to see the little ladies too.    Very cool.

It's the start of Shark Week.

Two North Carolina fishermen caught a shark they measured to be larger than six feet on Friday morning while out in the water in Kill Devil Hills
Fishermen catch a large shark on a beach in South Carolina.     
Predators like this sand tiger shark are turning $1,000 fish into 'nothing but chunks of mangled up meat'
Makes you want to go swimming there,  doesn't it?      Dudes were using cut up fish to chum  the waters and caught one.     Kind of seems dangerous at a beach.

While it still is a battle for the masses.....Good for them.

Many a person brought the flag of the deep South to the races today in Florida.     Good for them.     At least many know why they are protesting for once.    They know the issue and are fed up with the Feds sticking their collective noses into their Bee's Wax!  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't pick up hitch hikers.....Unless they will show you the boobs!

Or at least something to have to take a chance with your life.     Sometimes you just don't know what or who you have picked up.     Can tell you it's true.

Make sure it is going to be worth it.

Man I can hear your tires catching pavement.

Might crash into another car trying to stop.



Just passing the time......It's a long ride home.

Talking about hook hands....

I have been here many a times fishing.     You can not pull it out.    It has barbs.    It will tear you apart trying to just work it back out.    So you spend big bucks at the ER or you take the pain by pushing it all the way through and cutting off the barb.    I have done that before.    Once in my face as a teen.    Holy hell it hurt!       Any way.....The local ERs will see this more than once in the up coming days.     Good luck. 

Don't blow your ass off!


                                               Please.....You need your ass. 

Okay we have all heard the stay safe crap ENOUGH!

Here is my little warning.      If you can't do without your hand,  be fucking careful this weekend!      Just that simple.     Or a eye.    Leg.     Just don't loose them.     Enough said.

                                     Holy Shit!  Dude really blows his hand off!

Happy Forth Of JULY!   

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Redneck 4th of JULY is okay!

If you are a redneck (okay with me)   you have a mason jar or two.     Now that NYS allows you to buy some sparklers.......Have a good time Saturday!       I love this idea.     Have to tell you I have some mason jars.     Fun-fun!

God sake please do not be the guy above.

Porn On The Forth Of July!

Enjoy it with some care this year.

Stay cool.

Handle some dogs!     Or as they say Weenies!


You think it is wrong for that flag to be on her ass?

OMG so proud of the USA!


Where are the people who just want to enjoy America?

I like the idea of the Huddled Masses coming here and hoping for a new life.     But according to most accounts many are just slipping in to kill us all.     Not all I am sure.     But enough of them to make a real problem.     Some of them were in our military!     That indeed is a real problem.    Plus some of them were going to attack Boston again.     I think it's time to do as Russia and China has done for years,  no more people let in!     Plus maybe get some to leave.

Remember when the people came in from Cuba and they would be the ruin of us?     Hell many of them just settled and became nice families down the block.     Very nice people who worked their collective ass off to get ahead and make something out of life.    Good for them.