Friday, July 29, 2016

No you can not have a BIKINI!

Sometimes that should be yelled from one side of the store to the other.

Case in hand.      If you work in a box store,    don't lie to the people buying.

Okay....what looks like a fail....I kind of like it.

Some would call it a fail....I saw some wins too.

She just needed some tanning first.

To each their own.     But the yelling should have been heard.

You have to keep your penis under control.

OMG what?     

I would have ran to the nearest rack to grab something that covers that above.    Here!    

Here is your daily work out.

Make sure to use both hands.     Don't want web arm.     One arm larger than the other. 

O the mountains and all their goodness.

I raise a beer to them too.     Love the view.    Yes sir eeee. 

This girl asks if her ass is big....You don't have to lie.

Why no,   it is just about perfect.      Really.     Look at it!     Peaches!


This isn't a painting above.     It is just one super sight to behold on the river here.     We have one of the biggest amount of local 100 or more year old boats all over the area.     Places that God just blessed with magic.        You can rent these boats locally ,   and travel till you ....You won't ever get sick of it!     If you don't drive them,    there are many boat tours.     Castles.   Fishing.     Flying.      Just plop down on a beach.     It's all here. 

Lawn chair friendly.

Might as well get used to seeing Russian Ships.

Photo published for Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets

The DEMs put this up last night during the closer of the whole show.      The ships are Russian.    They had this up when talking about are great vets.     Sure easy boo-boo.     But my thinking is if things continue to be bad for another four years with these ass clowns,    we will be seeing them for real soon.   

Two dumb ass kids get into a big pickle.

Some how they opened up a fuel tank near the library.       Flooded the whole property with fuel.      The DEC had to come in to clean it.     The clean up was around 35 thousand dollars.   I hope for one thing the parents have good insurance.     Because that is a big price tag for the kids to have to split.     It is a stupid childhood prank gone wrong.    Been there,   done it.

Colton NY.....Hope they have a good payment plan. 

Your thinking about a chick.

To me,     this is the on switch.     You walk into her apartment to see her in this above.    It's on!   There is a chance she is up for some sports.

Same ass,   and same general pose.      You come in to the OFF switch.    We are going to a movie,   food,   and maybe if you are lucky a little lip action.     If you are very good. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Piece of art in the Nut Home.

I am sure no one remembers who made it.     But it is interesting just the same.     Should go on a NYC wall.       Art from the nut farm. 

This is real Chinese food.

You go into a real by the book Chinese place,    and order Long-Dong-OMG!     Get some good sauce.     Eat it.     Pass it around the table.    Order some more. 

If you can find the old school places.     Get a table full of different foods,   and share it with friends.

O that looks good. 


I can taste the blood.     I want it.     Make it for me.    I'm hungry. 

Let's say the dude doesn't believe in God, so what.

Bernie Sanders

The Dems did everything to eat up one of their best.     Just to put the Devil in his place.     How in the hell does that make any logic?      

You as a party support the Devil as your choice for president,    and worry if the other guy believes in God.      What is it?       Is it in the water?     Did IQ's hit an all time low?     I guess. 

Self defense between a man and a turtle?

Terry Washington, charged with a state jail felony for beating a turtle to death with a hammer on June 21, 2016 Credit: KXAN

This dude above is just a piece of crap.      All there is to it.     Turtle is in the water,    doesn't seem to have the upper hand on the guy,    and he beats it to death.     With a hammer!     I hope there is a special place in hell for the dude.   


Taco Bell Canada Crunchwrap

TACO BELL is coming out with the goods!      I think I want the wrap.     Can not wait. 

They brightened Oz's day.

                                   It is so great to see the Oz-man happy. 

Here is what is wrong with the world.

                               I could not understand why the lady got into it. 

When you just don't know the fail.

The company hired the dude to do an ad.     He didn't know the moves.     He got fired. 

Now that's a COP!

Lady Officer works the park undercover all the time.     She gets the arrests.    Dude took a lady's purse.      The officer kicked ass,    took his name,   and moved another turd off the grass. 

Elephant always wanted to kill someone?

Killer: Rabat Zoo in Morocco said their female African elephant, named Assia, was involved in the deadly incident

I think the elephant was most like playing.     It picked up a rock and threw it,   hit a seven year old girl,    and killed her.     Chances of being killed by a rock thrown by an elephant?     I say the odds are real high.     But it happened in this crazy world. 

Do you feel like a Neo-type-man sometimes?

It isn't a bunch.     But yes it can happen.     Like when you see a pretty lady,   and you just look at her boobs.     You know what it is.     You want to get a quick pull off them.      Your at the local ball game.     All of a sudden you are grunting for the team!      ARG ARG ARG!    All you have.     Your eating fried chicken.     Eating it like you never knew what a fork was.     Your anger just pours out at a red light.     I GOT TO GO!      There is a list.     Many more.    We have just not evolved as much as we think.