Friday, December 19, 2014

On the 5th day of the big H!

                                            Pay the video on rock like a big H!

The reverse cowgirl!

                                               You showed up for it.

Crazy Girls!

                                               One chick goes into a tub full of pancakes!


                                              You know I don't show Jailbait!

The Bananas video!

                                    Fucking lady is hot and crazy all at once!

Johnny Depp is going to marry.....A lady!

Yes I find it hard to believe.      Her name is Amber.       I pictured him getting a horse.
Look she is a hot lady too.
Ms. Amber Heard!      Getting married to a (what do you call him?)....?
I picture him out at night eating bugs in the local park.

Yes Santa is still a bad boy.....Got to love him!

Hey why not be as bad as he wants?     No one keeps a list on him....I think.
We all know he is just one of us when it comes to dealing with the ladies at the mall.
I heard Frosty has got into hitting the ladies too.
You know I never thought about Santa and his list bringing him to the bad girls.

Wow what a party we had last night......Ho Ho Ho!

Indonesia.....They love to cut up the ladies!

female circumcision

248 girls were ran through an Indonesian hospital to have their private parts hacked off so they wouldn't feel pleasure when having sex......In one day!       Not hard to understand why people want to move to America.        OMG how crazy is that?      They do it to please their church.     O and they make it a great time too.

Charlie Chaplin mocked Hitler in a time of war and we were okay!

It was called The Great Dictator.         No one lost sleep but Charlie.      He worried it just might not be funny enough to people.     Sure it was and sure it is today.
                                         I love the Hitler going off on today's problem clips.

Jimi Hendrix has been gone for 40 years now.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

I love the story about the main singer at a show walking off stage and being mad because Jim was so dam good.       He took the show every time.      It is amazing how he played and lived.    Fast and great!