Monday, January 26, 2015

Okay if you get offended easy...These jokes are not for you.

The most offensive jokes on the planet.

Holy crap these video clips are off the scale.

                                                          Or out of scale.

Top ten dirty jokes!

The last one is very dirty and clever.

I think it is time for the deep sleep pods of the movies!

Think if you had one and the money.        A full on sleeping pod.     You could get in on the first cold day of Winter and get back up on the first warm day of Spring.      OMG how cool would that be?
O and heck if you some how over sleep into the next 1000 years......Hope you wake up with Barbarella!    
Who couldn't deal with a planet over run with sexy gun wheeling ladies?     I can.     I would welcome the chain on my wrists and be a good little dog.
Or you wake up to the Road Warriors kind of deal.     Maybe keep a hot fast car in the barn?
Or everything is gone.         So you have total peace and what ever.     Might be cool.
Best case......You wake up the next year and all women have been asked not to wear clothes and they said yes.          That might be cool for awhile.

Sorry but smoking is becoming a big no-no!

Even figuring that during the same time Jesus was alive people smoked something to get them through the day, time where it is excepted is falling away.       I see it more and more every day.    People asking others outside to cut it out!       Boycotts of companies that allow anything to do with smoking.      People walking out the door without getting what they wanted because someone smelled like they had been smoking.      It happened at a place I was at today.     $300 to $500 dollar job walked out the door because the dude couldn't breath due to his perception that someone had been smoking.      Hate to say it and agree with the Strange-o-meter people.....

If you don't totally ban smoking in your place....You might be losing money soon.

When did Clint Eastwood become antiwar?

I myself will not go see his new movie now because it has to have a statement.      I am sick of statement movies from the Liberal agenda!       Sure war is bad.      Sure our youngest and brightest being killed in another land is not what we want.     But we don't need a guy who used to play the shot them dead and ask questions later telling us about it.      Dirty Harry shouldn't be making movies about why war is bad!      My advice is don't see the movie now.    If you did, don't tell others to go see it.      He needs to go back to acting.

That shit is so cool!

Don't know if he was in a contest or just making art or he just is a cool dude.      The dude has a bunch of real snow talent!      I love the giant Marsh Mellow!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Found a new one.....Horror Porn Movies!

Here is the safe link to the clips and some movies that will freak you and are sexy all at the same time.      Freak Horror Porn Movies!      Say that four times fast.
Porn and Chicken?      I kind you not it is a real movie.
Dawna The Dead?     Again a real flick.
Evil Head is the real gem.      I want to find it and watch it.     Start searching Amazon.
Okay?     It has everything.    Sexy lady vamp, super monkey, and who knows what.
Well it looks kind of angry.
Always a nun trying to help the evil get better.
Okay!       Can I get a WTF is that thing?      Not Bigfoot.     Not a ware-chicken.     I don't know what it is......It is getting some tail.     Good for it.

Ever wonder if the East Coast Power Grid was made safer?

Remember when one computer in NYC told the whole East Coast to go black because a power station burned?     Do any of you wonder if that was fixed?     I never heard of any plan to stop it from happening again.     We hear about hacker worries all the time.     
It had to be a shock that one computer could shut down all of NYC and half the country.     But we were never given any word to as the cause or the fix.    
As far as I know we are still in a system that is still easy to take out at one single sight.     Everything is wired like Christmas lights on one big side of the country!         Flick the right switch and we are back in the dark.      Makes one very nervous in the long run.

Tonight will not be a great night for the East Coast!

In fact if you live along the ocean from the dark red zone to the top......It is going to be bad for the next three to four days!      Wind, snow (a lot of it) and more wind!       The news called it a Winter Clipper!       I call it a Winter ball buster!    NYC and Boston area are going to get crushed by shitty old Man Winter!      We inland are due for a break and should get one.    I hope for the best on the coast.      But if NYC gets two feet over night.....Dam that sucks.