Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday morning pink pussy!

Who could go to work without it?
Shaved, Clean And Ready For My Dirty Show
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Walk that dog!

It's Spring.    Time to walk the dog in short-shorts.

The dog gets out and we get a little show.   Win-win!

Nice day today to walk the cat too.

Lowville dude drives up the ski hill with his pick-up!

Hey God only knows it's muddy all over the place.     I still would have loved to see a dude with a pick-up drive up the ski hill in Lowville.      It must have been great.     Hope he gets another shot at it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

OMG talk about fun!

Z-man and I were down at the Mayor's Bar bringing him dinner and what a time we had with this nice (really drunk) lady.     She held out her arm for us to smell her perfume.    I won't say who said it smelled like potato chips, it happened.     She had been eating many a chip.    So she went to Z-man and I and asked what we thought.    Z-man just turned red.    I tried to be nice and said it smelled good.    She said we now knew what Britney Spears smelled like.     I got tears in my eyes and so did Z-man.   Yes now we know what Britney smells like and it wasn't all good.   
Britney smells like bar chips, smoke, heavy booze, and flowers.    


This video is awesome!
This is the new song for the movie!
I loved this open till they bring it soft with Godzucki!
How ever the openings work, I am ready for the new movie!

Happy Easter.

Have a great day today with family and friends.     If it isn't your thing than go to the movies.     Just like the rest of the Godless people.     Just kidding.     Enjoy.
I went by Jesus's place and all I found was a open door and a few blankets.     Kind of weird.    I thought he was home today.     Hey message me if you see him.

Town has a POOPER!

The town of (Ypsilanti) (say that a bunch of times) is having a problem with some one pooping all over town.      They have put up Bill-Boards to catch the person.
Maybe not this large, maybe so.

The White House should act on this one.

White House responds to Deport Bieber petition
The People have spoken.     Over 250,000 people signed online to kick the rotten Canadian brat the hell out of Dodge.      But the White House didn't even comment on it.     Why have online sign-ups if they don't mean anything?     It is set that an online signed (anything) only has to have over 100k on it for government to take a vote.     But as in many other not favored by the government signed and sealed requests, nothing happened.  
The dude is a good for nothing little hooked on drugs moron.     No one wants their kids to see this man-boy as a hero.    It is time to pull his card and demand him to leave.     Students from un-favored countries have done less than this moron and had their card pulled.    

Rockets are back and flying on American soil.

                                     If that isn't amazing to you, nothing is.

Why can't we have a party without stabbings and drugs?

That's Watertown for you.     The party gets boring and the stabbing starts.