Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Ass's in MOTION!

If this doesn't impress you,    well there is nothing else to do.

Okay gave you enough for now. 

Sometimes the best in life is simple.

Chinese French Fries.

Brooklyn in NYC has the fries.      I have seen them locally that almost make the grade.    Just not all the way.      Something about the water they use,   the air,   and the people. 

Wow is the answer to this.

That baby has made a move,    and not for the good.      I am sure she has to come down,    and or be fixed.      Not sure there is a fix.     She must be tons.       Very neat how something that big can shift.      How would you have enjoyed a trip across when it moved? 

OMG I want this for my wall.

A tee shirt would be cool too. 

Greatest chase? Maybe?

                         It's entertaining any way. 

Coming up......Local Entertainment.

Clayton has became the local place to see good shows. 

Just make sure the heat is enough to cook rare burgers.

Burger on barbecue


Making them rare is something I love too.     But yes,   you can make yourself sick.     They have to be just above being alive.      Blood is okay,    just not bleeding.

Burger file picture

O that looks good above. 

Guns and more guns!


The number of gun-owning households in the United States appears to be on the rise, new research says

Guns went crazy in the 90's.     They have took off again.      Big!      Half of the American house holds have guns.      Many guns.      We are ready for the action.     Go ahead ,  invade.      

Image result for machine gun firing gif

The little lady down the block is ready for you to roll up,    and she is packing the heat.
Image result for machine gun firing gif

Stop by,    try to convert the girl above to your ways,    and find out she is ready with an answer.

Image result for machine gun firing gif


Image result for machine gun firing gif

All joking aside.     Americans have the guns,    and we know how they work.      Stop by,   and we can show you. 

Why are we Americans jumping!


Delayed passengers inside Terminal 7 at the Los Angeles International Airport line up to go through TSA security check following a false alarm event in Los Angeles, California, 28 August

It's almost 911.     We have armed personal all over the place.      We are told every minute of the day to watch for danger.      Is that a reason to be on edge?     I think papers write this crap to keep busy.       Why would we not all be jumpy?      Add to the fact the doors are open to just about anyone to enter the country,    and yes we worry. 

The chicken stinks when it comes out of a bag? Subway?


The Subway employee says that a steak sandwich is probably the freshest, and safest, sub to order

I hope it is only the UK.      The manager of one shop there said avoid the chicken,   and the steak.      It stinks when coming out of the bag to cook.       In other words it is old meat.    Seems kind of fishy.       I think someone has a issue with the company.     I have went to several stores ,  and never seen meat that looked bad.     Seems like something that the dude is trying to use to hurt someone. 

Alien Signal may have came to us in May.


But if you read about it,    it isn't for sure.     Plus if I under stand it,   it came from a long ways away.      Which should mean it happened a long time ago.      Who ever sent it is long gone.     But it still might be proof that other worlds are out there.     That's still cool. 

Don't forget people will be cooking chicken this weekend.

Watch for your local fund raisers.      The chicken is to die for.     It helps a good cause.   It's a win-win all the way.      I love wood cooked chicken .     It is a real treat, we won't see soon.   Winter is sneaking back. 

Today's very hot selfie.


Much to be loved here. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

This pic is amazing too.

Image result for kim kardashian's nipples

I will just go look for some more for later.      OMG she is just burning my eyes out. 

Why would you put up those blocks? Kim's wet boobs are amazing.

Kim Kardashian wearing a see-through top whilst on holiday with friends at Casa Aramara, Punta Mita, Mexico

It's Kim,     and she wanted us to see the girls.

Image result for kim kardashian in wet tie

See she wants us to get a view.

Image result for kim kardashian in wet tie

Dam she is hot.      You don't have to agree.      I know what I like. 

Image result for kim kardashian in wet tie

Love that ass.

Image result for kim kardashian's nipples

She is some how amazing.      

Image result for kim kardashian's nipples

I can't stop posting her wet boobs.       I can't look away.

This glass ring was on a Roman hand 1.700 years ago.

It's amazing to see this detail from so many years ago.      The fact it is still on this planet is amazing too.      I would like a repo of it to wear.     It's cool. 

This just is a weird deal.

                           Watch it and see. 

Chicken in a waffle cone.

Chicken in the Waffle from the Minnesota State Fair

I want to go to the State Fair today.     Dam that looks good. 

Girl worked many years....Good for him.


Freia David at her McDonald's job in the 80s and present day. (Image credit Charles River Center)

She retired from McDonalds after 32 years.      Nice that the Corp gave her a chance,    and she made something out of that chance.        Good feeling story.     Sometimes I like them. 

Millennials don't use soap.


Image result for soap

In a  way,     I already knew this.      Some of them smell bad.     Others just are using something else.     Body washes.       Bars of soap are vanishing from stores.      Well times do change.