Tuesday, July 22, 2014

O SHIT that's the ice-machine slime filter!

Fuck me why did they tell us?      The slime filter in a ice-machine!      OMG NOOOOO!

I thought it was bullshit......It is not!

I knew we eat a bunch of bugs a year.

Hell the other night out back mowing, I ate a bunch of the dam things.     They fly in your mouth.     They are in your food.      People eat them on purpose.      It just is our end game in life.     WE JUST END OUT EATING BUGS!

The one fact that killed me.....Cell phones mostly have poop on them!

Don't borrow your friend's phone anymore!     Or your Mom's.     Your anyone's.      Most of them are covered with traces of poop.      Look at it close next time.   

Japanese ate all the POWs but George Busg SR!


It's listed in the 25 fucked up facts.        George Bush Sr. was a POW in WW2 and was the only man saved from a camp where the Japanese ate everyone but George.       Only given a few more days and he would have been in the outhouse with the rest.     Dam it!

We might have avoided two Gulf Wars if the Japs had just eaten him faster.

We for sure (I hope) would not have had all the dumb looks.

Or who knows, with a different dad he might have went a whole different way in life.

25 facts you are going to want removed from your brain before the morning!

                                        I mean for real!

Tuesday's Drunk History......Lewis and Clark!

I love this show and so will you!

Men who like fat chicks to crush them?


Amazon Amanda

It seems wrong in many ways.      But it's a way of life for some.      Having a super sized lady crush the shit out of you and liking it.     Well each to their own.

                                 Shit!      Don't watch the video alone.
Amazon Amanda

Yes I can see this as maybe being some fun.

Amazon Amanda

Don't think (like I did) that he is a little man.     She is just very fucking large!

Debbie is making a come-back!


slut in training.


                                                 Play the video (Spank) and enjoy it all.

Today's Tueday tip.

                             This chick is real hot and is going to help you keep the

                                   Back Funk Of Your BACK!

Who knew Tuesday has so many meanings to the world?


It starts for us from a God known as TYR'.


Pink is the official color of the day.     So you know where we are going......Don't you?


Yes we are off to the land of the Pink Pussy!

You can almost touch the last one.