Thursday, November 27, 2014

Push It.....Push It Real Good!

Just a bit of fun to start your Turkey day off!

Here is the bad news about eating all day today.....Calories!

Thanksgiving dinner
2000 to 4500 in one sitting!        OMG that is a lot to burn off!      For most none of it will be burned off.       Guilty as charged!       I eat like that and go out to watch TV.      Welcome to the fat farm baby!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Black Swallower!

Get your head out of the trash man!      

It's a new fish they found.

It swallows it's prey like a snake (whole and alive) and than it's body breaks it down for food.

Or it messes up and swallows way to much......Wow it's dead now!        It is amazing how many crazy creatures live on this planet and most of us never know or see them once.   

HBO has several lawyers ready for when they release a show about a major RELIGION!


My answer to that is why don't you leave it all alone?     It is a very important religion for some and they have the right to believe in any god they want.      Or any concept they please.     If you know you are going to be in court over a person's religion, it might be best to stay away.     I have to tell you I don't believe I would be happy about a show from HBO about my religious feelings and beliefs.       Even if they were shown in a fair manner.      It's my beliefs!      Who are they to say that their religion is controversial?     The link states that on the first paragraph.     Wow!

Denmark might say no to CIRCUMCISION!

Circumcision instruments

I don't know how any country can ban a religious right to have your child's dick flap cut off and pulled down.      But Denmark has decided to try just that.      They have two big political groups saying people who are not cut are almost banished in their country and most of the UK!     Men who have their dick cut feel that men without it are scum!      A lower class.       Some face no life (according to the political groups) because they can't get the job done at birth and it would be to much for them later in life.     OMG they must be kidding.        Have any of you ever looked down on another man because he didn't have his hood clipped?

I know the world is just getting more and more crazy when this crap is put to a vote.

Are there more Whores in Watertown than before?

WWNY: Hookers Eschew Our Ornamental Lights for Area Hotels

Have to let the cat out of the bag........HOOKERS ARE EVERY WHERE!     Just look online on the link I supplied.       We have several in the area.       Don't like the local ones?      Syracuse is just a hour away and they have many more.

LAST CHANCE TO SIN‼️‼️ Unbeatable thanksgiving specials‼️‼️. - 23

This chick has a full page ad for you to connect with her onThanksgiving break.      She will meet you some place in Watertown and she claims to just want $60 for her time escorting you.      You can't see me making my fingers go as I say escort......But know that's what is happing.        Her name is SIN!

LAST CHANCE TO SIN‼️‼️ Unbeatable thanksgiving specials‼️‼️. - 23

Hey if you have the guts and the money maybe this is just the thing you need.     Myself I won't be going with you.      She might be a cop too.      She almost looks to hot to just be getting $60 a hour.      But hey you might want to try it.      She claims just to be an escort, and she might just be that.

As far as the local news thinking this is a new thing.....OMG look around!      We have had this for the last five years or more.     Hell I remember my dad telling about hookers in Watertown back in the 60s.       It is for sure easier to find today.     But new?      No way is it new.

Don't forget these next few weeks are not all about getting stuff.

There is much need for blood this time of the year.     I am going to call today and find the next blood drive I can go to before December or at least in the first few weeks.
Food banks could at least use anything extra you have.     Or you can go into many stores in the area and find bags of food all set for you to purchase and the store delivers it.      People are hungry right now and face it they will not figure a way to feed their family any time soon.      So as much as it makes you a little unhappy to give to people who won't work, still you helped a kid or kids in most cases.      Kids who need help.       Everyone has a little extra.
You could stop by a shelter and put in some time helping.      I will be truthful with you, I most like won't.      But some people have the time.     It is a great way to keep busy and in health.      My Gram had it right, empty hands are the Devil's play thing.      
The little red pot gives many people many chances to help.      You can throw money into it if you have extra.       You can throw a bunch of money in it if you have it.      You can ask to stand out in the cold and ring the bell.       I myself just don't want to go that far.      Yes I am lazy when it comes to that.      But heck I do throw in any extra change I happen to have.
Many local radio stations have so many programs you can go into and help the young and the old.     I always try to sign up for the older people of the area and give a present to them.      I only take one and am happy to do so.      It feels good to think about some person getting a box full of good stuff on the 25th of December.     Stuff no one gets them any more.     Some people have well out lived their family.     They have no one.     
Get out there today and find your place in this.       Don't be a Grich!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do you hate shaving as much as I do?

I  broke down and got it done today.      But man it just wasn't all it should be.     I cut myself, now have some razor burn, and some razor bumps.      I kind of would love the day when you could go once and get your hair removed for good off your face kind of thing.

It would be so cool to stop by and see Farrah to get a electronic clean up of the face.     Just have to hope what happened in the movie wouldn't happen in real life.    

I find Gravy Boats Sexy!

Look at them!      All full of gravy and so sexy.

Turn a little to the left baby!

She is one wet little babe.

She has breeding and look at the curves.

Cooking cookie bars in the nude?

Get onto the link and learn how to cook and okay do what you must on the rest.