Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mindy's big day all in video!

Yes some of my video is raw.      But it gets the job done.     OMG such a nice day and night for the girl's big day.
                                             The opening round of wedding.
Dad and his little girl walk.
You may kiss the bride.
The Victory March!
Wedding party arrive at the State Office Building!
Father and daughter dance.
Dancing begins!
My son was a man and danced...I didn't.
The big dance number by Heather and company.

Release the hounds Smitters!

Dude forgot to release the dogs at the Whitehouse when a crazy knife man was running to the front door.

Was Rambo a victum or just a criminal?

Plenty of men and women come back from war and run into problems with the law.     Are they to be given a little wiggle room or a automatic run to prison?

How do you get killed doing the water bucket thing? It can happen!

Dude some how got between power lines and his friends.     Poured the water and dies some time later.     Big bad sorry to the dude and his family.    He had his heart in the right place.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

There's a wedding going on some place today!

Let's start wedding day out with sexy brides!


What's getting adjusted?

Yes that's why they wear the long train.

Dam some lucky man or (can happen now) lady is going to be happy.

You might see some passing out today!

I saw it once.

Let's hope the practice goes better than this clip!

It's time for a run through......HOPE!

Did you decide to go on a cruise ship for the Huney-Moon?

This one lost power, caught on fire, and drifted for days before help was given.   

In a ship that's without power and drifting the first thing to go is the bathrooms.

Next it's the food.

You may end out in the same lifeboat as this lady and have to try real hard not to get caught looking by the bride.      I bet you will go crazy.

Make sure you leave a gift and just don't take one.

Groomsman at Ohio wedding robbed newlyweds of wedding gifts during reception

This great man decided to rob the bride and groom of their wedding gifts......I kid you not.


Yes even that special wedding night.      I kid you not.     Link takes you there.

If you dare!