Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lawn mower hit 116!

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Another crazy moment in our history.    A lawn mower that can hit speeds of 116 miles an hour!      I mean really dude?      It's cool.     It also is really weird.  

Dude eats rocks!

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This man can't get enough of eating rocks and dirt.     I really believe the world has gone crazy.    Dude!    have you ever heard of Taco Bell?      Please!     It stated he has a disorder....
Disorder means fucked up in the head!



Alex Texas Video!

Alex Texas is the girl to watch!

You better hope she is done when you are done!


Because I have to bet she would start tearing your ass up.      This girl wouldn't stop till your penis is worn off.     I bet her VJ has pecks.      You better have a end game ready before crawling into bed with this one!
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If her ass clapped together you better have your dick clear!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This dude doesn't think he is nuts!

The Colorado theater shooting defendant is balking at a second sanity exam ordered by the trial judge.

Yes it's the movie killer (THE JOKER).      The judge in his case wants another mental check before going on with his trial.      He said no.      He feels he is okay to have the trial.     Yes I am sure he is a fucking nut case who can't even understand what's being said.     But if he wants to be fried.....


O No A Dead Porn Star!

Sexy Cora has problems after death.....

No one has a problem with the stone.    But all the pictures and what they called toys around the grave are offending others.    

2009 she was put into the hospital for trying to blow 200 guys in one setting.   She made it to 75!

2011 she died during a breast operation.     Her heart gave out.     One coma later she was gone.   

Now the cemetery has several problems with what they call rude pictures and devices being left around the grave.     She was good looking!

This crazy thing was in Germany!

It's a Brit owned truck over in Germany.     It was stopped and the four man crew were tested for drinking.     No drinking so they went on their way.     Very cool.


Is this the May Pole they speak of?      Dam I hope so.

Maybe it's some Obscene pole that someone had hidden?

Is it a wet pole?
Is the pole anywhere in this pic?

Japan......Human poodle lady making show with dogs!

Human Poodle Shows Off Weird, Scary Aerobic Sessions picture

I don't make this shit up.     She was a big fat lady with dogs.    Now she is on Japanese TV with dogs and a much leaner body.

Look at the weird arms!