Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday....still have nothing of any big (WHATEVER).....

Just think about how much hospital time this chick above enjoyed after smoking that joint.    I bet she still is in the ward.     In a large coma.      They just turn her ever day.    

Are you hooked on pain killers?

Time to get to a doctor,  rehab,   and stop the thing before you end out in bigger problems. 

Another trailer to bug Star Wars Fans!

I just want all the hype to end.      give us the movie!      Or I will let this kid above plan your birthday.    

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sign me up to end my pain.

Man with a GP

One shot and the pain of being old is over......Can't wait!

Saturday and I don't have much today.

I gave you this girl with a big ass.      I like it.      So will you.     Print it and put it in your wallet.   Show chicks at bars your lady,     see what happens.   

Cyber Monday is now a bust.

No one needs it anymore.      I guess.      Just like a brain for this guy above. 

Trump denies it......But did it.


He was caught on camera making fun of a dude who is a big not normal.     But lied and said he didn't.      Not a good choice is my answer.      Look you can't get into the middle of a crisis and say you didn't do it. 

Monday....More throwing money at the Black Birds called Crows!

Why don't we throw explosives at them?      Kill them all in one blast. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Real Black Friday! Hot naked black chicks!

Anowa Adjah stretching on a handrail

O and they have talents too.

Anowa Adjah

OMG that lady above is FINE!

You go to the link and you will see what I mean.     FINE!

A few blocks into the sight is a Cow Girl I can't stop thinking about.     OMG you need to see her.     I mean really!      Get in there right now....start going down till you find her.   

I try not to hate on anyone....BUT!

Some dude off the street sat right next to us in a clean eating place,  and he wasn't fit to be inside.     Dude was not clean in any way.     He had had about as many baths this year as a statue in the park.     Yes when it rained on him.      He didn't smell to bad.     But he couldn't even be smart enough to just sit at a table and leave others alone.     he stared at us as we ate.   I can not stand a clean person doing that.     Needless to say when he all of a sudden left,  no one was more happy then me.    He left a 30 cent tip.    OMG that was in it's self a hit in the face for all.    Yes because he made a real bad mess.     Booth had to be almost hosed down.    Not even kidding you on that one. 

Saw some A-hole on the news saying he was going to block people!

From shopping????      Yes from Shopping today!      I hope some house-wife kicks his stupid ass to the curb!

Dedicated: Customers stream into Macy's flagship store in Herald Square on Thanksgiving evening

100 Million are expected to shop today around the country.      That is a big bonus to the economy!      Dude who would stand in front of that,    well he is a dump dick!     My wife had to work almost 24 hours to prep for the Black Friday Sale.      You better not get in her way!

I thought the weird crap ended years ago at that exit.

It's almost like a local sighting of a weird UFO.      Go to the rest stop and have a creep knock on your window asking if you want sex.    Or what ever.      I have not heard of it for years.    But it is back. 

Dude are you a total MORON?

I mean yes on paper it looks like a great idea to piss off the White House by climbing on the fence wrapped in an American Flag.       But dude when they tag you,   bag you,  and jet you away to rot for days in a cell.....NO!

Thank You for being over with!

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Glad everyone who wanted to went out and served food to the needy.     Good for you.    Golden star in the sky someplace for you.

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All the goofy ads will come off the net today.
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Your local malls will be full of ladies trying to find that special thing for the big day.    

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These dudes had a good meal out of plastic bags in space.     

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If you were like me,    you watched stupid crap on TV most of the day.     I watched Kung- Foo movies most of the day.
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You might have done one of those feel good runs.     God love you if you did.    Not me.    I didn't even go out form a walk.      Just didn't want to.

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You might have had to work real hard all day.     A big God bless you for keeping America safe.      

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Our President chipped in.     I think that is such a great thing to do,   times are tough for some. 

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Time to hit the gym.     O and yes to stare at chicks working out.     I know it is bad,  and good all at the same time. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Okay late night Turkey Day Celeb MEAT!

Celebs with their meat out banging other celebs!     I never dreamed about it...

Go to the link.....Enjoy it.    be amazed.

This above was well worth the look.     DUDE!

We ate T-bone steak and spuds last Saturday at work....

Cheaper then ordering a large pizza and wings.     It feed seven people too.

Our manager knows a local meat cutter dude.     he cut us up seven pieces of rather large meat.   Chris cooked it on the grill with spuds,   and mushrooms.     Had some cottage cheese,   and some butter.       It was less then fast food.     Way less!   

You tell me.....This above or a cheap pizza with wings?   

Was your bird big enough to serve 125 people?

Monster turkey

Well the one above was.

Phillip Corrick

Omg that above looks so dam good.     Sorry if you too are drunk and hungry.

Multi-bird roast

Holy Hell that is what went into the bird for a 125 people!      Fraking amazing!

12 hours to cook it.      Most like a hour to eat it all. 

More ways for your teen to kill each other.

Two participants in the ‘condom challenge’.

You Tube is a great thing......In the proper hands.     Read up,   go to the link,   and be amazed.    O and go ask your kid right now.....Are you planning this crap? 

                                         I thought the water ones were bad.....OMG look!


Only till someone buys one of the above,    tells you to cook it,   and helps you eat it. 

Shark Drones saving people from JAWS!

Sign reads "beach closed after fatal shark attack"

Australia where the horror stories of sharks come from.     Mostly.     They have decided to keep un-manned drones up to see if sharks are in the beach areas.     So people can swim without being eaten alive.    

Can't count on the super hero to help you.

Think about this big ass bitch popping up and just eating you!      I'd stay in the sand and hope for the best.