Friday, August 28, 2015

When a bear is forced to lie about boobs.

What a crying shame.     You can see it in his face.    Distress.    He did not have to blink S.O.S.

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That bear loves the hell out of large round boobs.    

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Go ahead.....Lie and say you don't.      Lies are not good in the long run.

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Shit!     Large boobs and a large Toe.    OMG GOOD!
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Aaaaaaa!     BIG!

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Big,   tight,   and pointing to the SKY!

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Dam pretty eyes too.

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O who would be able to stop looking?    I have not yet.
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Have nothing.     Just look!

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I never get cool twitters like the one above.    Which is a good thing.    I'd never leave my phone. 

New link to a very good video sight.

Takes you right to a video of a young Japanese girl using her boobs to play a flute.

                             Recorder music will never be the same. 

Sending soldiers to South Korea?

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Well hundreds of men will (maybe some women) be going to South Korea soon as a training mission of some kind.     Hope it is just a little push to the other side to get their act together.    This is what I see.     It always works with these little piss-aunt nations who roar at the big boys.    Show them one carrier larger than their whole navy,  kind of takes the sails down on their ding-dings. 

OMG who needs a Bernie shirt?

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If you don't get what it is......Sorry.     It's part of the 2016 run for President.     I think I need two of them.     Very fun to wear around town.    

This click with anyone?     He is just a cool dude running for the big spot. 

The Fall of 2015 was when Doc Brown went to the future.     But he never bought a paper in 2016 to see who won the election.     Well it wasn't covered in the movies. 

OMG why do they all want you to hate yourself?

When I saw this.....All I could think was Fuck You!      Some real skinny guy is trapped inside me?      Yes I almost get that.     But after years of over eating,   drinking,  and just not doinf much.....How do you get him back out? 

I mean is the above lady going to find the skinny chick any time soon.     I give her credit....She is looking for her. 

You have to be real careful with the equipment too.     Some of the shit could kill you.

You wouldn't think there are burgers in space....BUT

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One of the guys had one and twittered it.      Kind of cool......Okay really cool.

It is National Burger day.     At least that's what the world wide web says.

Maybe tonight is a good time to visit the local Sonic again and chow down.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You know it's weird that we are not seeing all the late Summer storms.

It's been very hot in the South and the West.     A normal year brings all kinds of tropical storms.     This year?       Have not seen the news stories.      The one above seems to be right now.     But no big coverage. 

When police have to come to look at your snakes.....

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They are to fraking big!       This fellow had two the same size in the home.     TWO!     Yes they are in some kind of snake shelter now.     Me,  I want them dead.     But others think every dam creature should be alive.     Not me.     Those frakers are way to dam big!

NASA states according to their gear the Oceans are coming up.

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Now it isn't looking like we should all go out onto the oceans with boats and live in our life time.     Maybe in some generation's time it could be a fact.      The ice is melting.    The seas are coming up.     It's a cold fact.    It is there.     Over the last twenty years NASA has noticed a steady rise in the tides.     Steady.    That can not be good.     Is it my fault or yours?    Well most like not.    I didn't run several power plants over in Asia on coal.    Or here in the states.    It is a thing our kid's kids need to think about.    Unless we change.....Who knows? 

See here is the problem.      The above is a scan from space of ice in Greenland.     There should be no red spots.     Red means warm.      There are red spots.     That is a big worry. 

Did you watch the new Ghost Hunter show?

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The new run started last night on SYFY.     I just couldn't do it.     I love the show.    But the new crew seems just a little jerky.    Afraid of every little sound.    What is that?    It sounded like someone talking.     I think that's a ghost over there!      Is my hair okay?    I kind of think the show lost it's way.    The first few seasons had so much more.    I remember the teams mostly trying real hard to make sure sounds and lights were just not normal every day things.  Most were just that.     Now it seems like every place they go is so haunted.      You can cut the fear with a knife.     Not what they started out with.     

I had a butt hole pass me in the city this morning!

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This is (above) the poor girl who was killed when someone just didn't pay attention,  slow down,  and or just didn't care.     I didn't catch the person's name who ran into her.    But as I drove down a city street today,  a butt hole passed me on a tight spot.     I was driving 30.    That's the limit.    Then to add to it,  they turned right in front of me to drive very fast through the school zones that have 15 miles per hour posted up.     I would say they went about 40!     There is no reason for it.    I got to the same intersection about a minute behind them and turned right behind them.    They gained no real big advantage over me.    About a minute.    Was a minute worth both of our lives,   or some kid's who was walking down the street?     Or the young lady above?    

Okay...Yes....There is another way to eat Chinese.

Line up and get some.

Chinese eating Chinese.

Okay here is a video of a almost naked China Doll.

Baby knows how to dance it. 

Time to eat Chinese today.

Get your mind out of there.     I mean food.     I love the stuff and today will be an all day celebration of good food.

The Chinese know how to cook chicken.    


Much of it is just a cool way to eat food.

They even make a duck taste good.    Ever shot one and tried to cook it?    Greasy.

Even with an eye looking back.....It's still good.

Yes you know where to find me later on. 

No money in China?

How in the hell will that country make it?      I think we better get worried and have plan....soon.      Our world is getting smaller every year.     To many people and nothing to go around.     It is not a good thing.

We need to start having world order meetings.      Not just an occasional hello.     Half our country today is out of water and on fire.    Tell me that is not a problem.

China has made almost all their water into waste that can't be cleaned up enough to drink anymore.    

This isn't a what if above.      it is all real and more.     We have started to destroy our planet.    All over the globe. 

An Atomic Blast that happened way before Christ?

Search it.      I saw it on TV the other night.    Explain how a whole city was destroyed with it's people way before man kind  knew what atomic energy was.     Or we think anyway.     Way before Christ was born.     The whole area is still radioactive.      Plus there is some weird photos of what we would consider could have been an atomic smasher.

You know.....The shit we play with every day.

It's hard to say it isn't many things.     But dam it looks like it.      Very bad crap to play with and we do it every day. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fake meat that bleeds!

It is interesting and sucks all at once. 

Lady took $3000 in sausage....Yes she in jail.

Kimberly Carrillo

She has a cold stare.     Wonder what happened there?      She took about three thousand dollars worth of sausage from where she worked.    Cams caught her.    She started hanging around gas stations in Texas selling the product.     Wow she was a real rocket jock!     Sure she lost her job.      Time will tell how many years she gets for grand theft sausage. 

You have it sir!

That message should be on every house. 

Nice to see a girl who knows how to handle a dick.

A big one at that.     Okay it seems random,  and it is.    What did you expect?

O and a what the fuck pic.     Not sure that isn't real.

Here is another one.

It's three in a row.      OMG.