Friday, September 30, 2016


I still think she should get her crown back TODAY!      Today they wouldn't dare bring up the naked pics with other ladies thing.      I bet it.     She would still be Miss (NYS) America.

Go to the link if you want to see famous BOOBS!

Plus the Vanessa Girl On Girl shots are there.    I love her just the same.     Maybe more after seeing the shots? 

More Hillary Shelling from CNN!

Image result for gary johnson

CNN asking why Gary is still in the race.     Because he wants to win?    Might be one answer.   Sure he has a large uphill battle.      But the little guy should be able to win in this country.   The rigged system doesn't allow it.     But it should be a thing.     I should have a chance,   you,  and Gary.      CNN should not be asking why.    They should be running some stories on the man's run.     Some talks with him.      Show the real American who is running for office.     But instead they worry about him taking away some much needed votes from Hill-Dog.    Their shell.      Must be some pole out there showing a split.    That worries them.    

October means fright night.

Syracuse NY.....go get some!

They go big,  so you can go home,   frightened.

Paint ball zombies.......That is a fun time.

Remember when a school fight ended in a trip to the office, maybe your parents were called?

Image result for kid in cuffs

Image result for kid in cuffs

Now you go away in cuffs.      Why can this kind of thing not be handled in house anymore?    Kids are simple.     I remember begging that they just not call mom,  and or dad.    I would do anything to fix it.     Please just don't call home!     

Image result for kid in cuffs

Now it all ends in charges,   jail,   and courts.    No wonder the kids are screwed up.    

It's official. We live in a natural disaster area.

Image result for disaster area

Image result for disaster area

Maybe it is not so funny to some.    But it seems more weird than anything.    Why couldn't they just pass a law to hand out money as needed?     The farmers will need some kind of check to help them plant next year.     Plus live through the Winter.    Not hard to see it.    

Let's show everyone we are peeing?

Man standing next to row of urinals in the glass room. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

China must have a thing for seeing others use the bathroom.   My thought. 

A squat toilet cubicle surrounded by lightly frosted glass, with a man on the other side of one glass wall and a woman on the other side of another glass wall. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

Okay for one thing,    that squat down on floor thing is weird.    Than all the time you are using it,    others are watching you?    Not for many. 

A row of men's urinals in the glass room. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

What do you do as you pee?     Wave at passers going by?     Or watch others?

Man sits on toilet, behind lightly frosted glass door, looking out at the forest outside. Changsha, China, 29 September 2016.

Sure the outside there is nice.     Peaceful.      But dude!    Stop watching me take a dump!


I love it.     That ass is a monster,    and who doesn't love it?    

The millions of dollars spent....The sat is dead.

Rosetta Sat made it out to it's target millions of miles away.     It kind of crash landed on a rock in space.     It sent back data.       It is now dead.     Out there in the dark,  cold,   not buried.    Say a little prayer for the thing.  

It's down in that hole someplace. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

You can try to kill a Turkey next week in NYS.

Image result for crazy turkey

I myself won't try to murder the above turkey.     He is a bit to tough,  in many ways.

Image result for crazy turkey

Good old store bought bird for me.  


Image result for bend over

Our New York State government has put more tax on power.     So our bills will go up....MORE!

Image result for bend over

There really is nothing we can do.....But leave the state!


Sheer perfection: Kim Kardashian stole the show at the Balmain Spring/Summer 2017 event during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, slipping into one of her most risqué looks to date

Daring to bare: Kim took sheer to a whole new level in her grey mesh number on the FROW of the fashion show

Dhe went up ,  and down,  the cat walk.     She is hot,   she knows it. 

Just about the whole crew in Albany are in court facing charges...They want more money.

Image result for spitting drink gifs

I spit my drink out too,   and laughed.      Albany is in the shame box right now,    and they want more money to continue doing a bad job!       Make a new law that includes being lawful.    Stop wheeling,  and dealing,  our futures away!      Come back next year,    we will see. 

Don't piss off your waiter.

Image result for spitting in drink gifs

I saw it happen once at a Chinese place.     Dude was just being a jerk to the whole staff.    Talking shit about them,    saying stuff about their food,   and in general being a dick.    I watched old Papa-Son spit in his food.     Dude deserved it. 

Super Hero Jackets! Only to be a kid again.

If they made one for men,    guess who would have one. 

Unless you become calm with the force, you are not getting better.

Doctors all say the same things.    Eat well,    brisk walks,    and stop getting stressed.    Being stressed ,  not one with the force,   can take away all the other things you gained from eating right.      Walking.     Stress kills more than sitting around all day thinking about the Universe.   Fat people on the county dole live years.    I promise you that.    Had some Aunts.   

The Creepy Clowns have made it to NYS.

Creepy Clown

You drive by the local 7-11 ,   and see a weird clown just standing near by.    It has happened all over the country.      Now they are in NYS.     I wonder if people see the stories,   and dress up.    Or it is a creepy club.     Time will tell.     I wonder if you can arrest someone,   take them in for questions,   for being a creepy clown? 

Cheetos Chicken Fries were very off.

Image result for cheetos chicken fries burger king

The store I went to was the problem,    or the product sucked.    To me,   looking at the online pic,   I think the store  went to served me regular fries.    I am going to their sister store tonight,  and we will see what is what.     They screwed me out of my sauce last night too.    That may have helped me like them.     I will give them one more shot. 

This video is a Canadian dude who had to come to the USA to try them....Cool.

                         This dude said dry,    but he liked them   Watch and learn. 

Take One: Lookin' a little crispy there. No, that's straight up burnt. (Credit:

The above kind of looked what I got.     I don't think they were the right ones.    We will see tonight. 

Stripper training.


Work hard baby.     Dance,   dance,   dance.     

Learn how to work that pole. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

No one was interested in plays anymore, so they hoped books were still in play.

People just didn't pack this above anymore to see the plays, music,   basic nothing was on the table.   

So the book store opened.      It has almost a new age look to it.   

This is considered a full English Breakfast.

I would die.      Or almost die.      Heck I guess if you like going to a all you can eat place,   this isn't far off that.      I like the beans for breakfast idea.     I think that is real cool.