Friday, July 31, 2015

Freak Friday here?


One of the days we all should just be a freak and enjoy it.

Yes they do.
Come join the family,  they have an opening.
You ever see this show at the fair?     I have before.    Different lady,  same show.     Kind of makes your skin crawl.     You can't be sure you are not looking at a half duck lady from Kansas.     Not for sure.
You can see it.     Total freak!     Hide the sharp knives in the house and hope for the good days.   You know,  the ones where she took her meds.
O my what a bad choice.     I bet he does real good over in booking.
See there is always something you don't have or have to worry about.    Dam that lady's feet have got big.     OMG her legs!     Funny thing I don't think it's a bit.    It's real.
Yes go buy the mask today.    Get her to wear it tonight.     Cry a little after.    O and thank what ever God you enjoy.

A Friday Freak song.

Pig & Dan?  

It may seem one in a million it could happen to you....BUT

I have seen at least four people in my short life time tell about having lightning hit their antenna on the car and taking out everything.     Radio,  computers,  and much more.     It seems real random that one stroke of light from the sky could find your car.    But it happens more than we all know about.     I was reading online that insurance companies sometimes write in a little note that states they don't cover lightning.    Might want to check the small print.

Most TV shows involve deaths of many animals.....

I love Wicked Tuna.     All you see is blood.    Sure fish blood.    But still blood.    I am sure too at on point or another someone saw the tuna in the wild and named it.    Called it Charlie.     Really to me a large tuna swimming the sea is more of a marvel than most creatures.    Very pretty.    As they say on the show,  I see colors!      Are we that mad about a Lion?      Please.

Plus look at how we treat the people on the shows.    If the killing of the fish isn't enough,  we hope they commit a crime.     Dude flirted to hard with a chick.     What?    Is that a real crime?

That above is just funny.     Okay it is to some of us.    Yes me.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ever wonder what a real high priced hooker looks like?

From some profile. She is a companion from DC. Are you a politician, CIA or army general to take care of her?

You can just look at that ass above and know it is not cheap.

Big sensation some years ago. Sex for free in a Prague brothel: Big Sister. It was broadcasted live on internet. Many pronstars came to work there for the exposure.

Two for the price of one?      Not in D.C.

Business woman exits car after work done. 

No cheap cars there.     Hell her shoes are more than most fancy meals.

Cool pose with her shaved pussy. Prague babe in promoshot for Prague private.

Did you bring your credit card????


Bare on high heels. Polish model from Warsaw poses almost naked in window. That’s much classier than most Warsaw privates.

No checks here in Vegas.

She does not want to show her face. Who can blame her. It’s not great to be exposed as a hooker, online.

You know what's funny?     I have seen that girl's (above) pic on local Craig's listings.     But it is for sure not her in the local motels.      I think. 

Flawless babe with high heels on yacht. Hmmm, that’s abnormal. You can’t wear heels on a boat. Well, she is an escort who entertains rich men on the boat so she can do anything to look sexy.

Yes you answered your own question.....You need a sail boat first.    She isn't going out in a row boat.

Flawless companion and working girl in Greece. Originally, she is from Russia, but working conditions in Greece are much better with sunny weather and high rolling customers.

Dam!     Now i can see what happens to these high roller types.     Man that girl above is just smoking hot.    If you can afford it,  I can see why.

From London with love.

Aaaaaa.....Worth every penny. 

Sexy Robot Ladies.

Now if they wanted to continue making sexy robot ladies,  I am okay with that.

Japan is trying hard to get a robot lady into the market.      It is just a few years in the works.    You will be able to stop by Wally Mart and get a live in robot friend.     

I want one to drive me around.    That is about it.    Take me to the store,   get the cart full of stuff,  and take it to the car.    Put it away at home.     

They don't have to look human.     I think that is stupid any way.     I love the ad above.

I think it is stupid to give them feelings,  tell them you love them,  and or to just think they are your lover.      They are a tool.     They should have no feelings.     Don't tell them you love them.    Just use them and put them away.     

Workers unit today......They are taking our jobs!

Hey dude I can deliver that pizza!      A factory let 650 people go out the door and kept 60 plus a full operation of robots.       Robots almost completely run the show.     It only takes a few people to maintain the machines.     Other than that,  robot Steve is on the job.     

We better start stepping up and be willing to work harder or Ricky the robot is going to take us down!      We will be sitting by the road with signs that state we will lube a robot for food.

Plus no job is safe.     The Army wants these things.    They are working on it.

I can see where a crack unit of them could wipe the enemy off the planet.    Don't have to feed them.     Just charge them.    Once in a while fix them.     How will some mud hut fellows stand up to a low to the ground killing machine?     The answer is they won't. 

                                           They Took Our Jobs!

If you are a LION KILLER (ACT LIKE ONE)!!!!!

The dentist's only bad is he is a pussy.     He needs to get right back out there and tell everyone that yes he killed a lion,  yes it had a name,  and yes he paid $55,000 to do it.    You are a lion killer,  or you are not.

You ride the lion,  or the lion rides you!

Would anyone speak up to the Rock and ask him to take off that lion skin?     NO!

Walter Palmer.......LION KILLER!       Proud LION KILLER!!!!!

So sick of the liberal press telling us all that we should sit around eating Tofu and fruit!     I want to wear the lion head too.     I think the man bought what he wanted and got it.   He wanted to kill a lion!    A lion walked put of the bush.    It had a name.    I can't fault the man because the lion had a name.    It was a lion hunt!    Lions die on a lion hunt!    

Dude needs to get the head mounted in his office and move on.     

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SYFY channel is amazing!

I don't know if they will get away with making CARS into a vampire movie.     It would be cool if they do.     

I wanted one of these in the 90s!

It is a portable record player.     Some real high tech at the time (1992).      But heck I never did buy one.      I still have records in my Mom's garage.    I think.      


O and yes......PULL THEM DOWN BABY!

Pool is good too.     Private pool anyway.

Shy girl gets naked.

It is not set to rain today......But if it does.....You got it.

Three girls walking naked on the street.

Screw it!     Go naked till midnight.     Keep cool and be cool.

Flashing tits at the game.

Sure you should pop out your friends boobs.
“I love being the only naked person at this party!”

Wet anything contest!

Girl shows sunburnt ass.

OMG please wear sun protection today.    Holy shit I bet that hurts.

Girl drops her panties at the lake.

Dam!    Wrong time to change into dry stuff....Okay maybe it was the best time.

Girl flashes pussy at work.

Hell yes the AC feels good today.


ENF PHOTOS <——«< Even more free pics of girlfriends humiliated by being caught in the nude!

O my just what the world wanted.     WET!

Look it's hot today (ALREADY)!

The Bell has AC.     Cold drinks.     Deals fraking all over the place.     Five dollar boxes.     12 packs that cost little to nothing.      If you have $20 you can live like a king today.     A cool king with AC and a all you can drink soda fountain.     I'd go right now!

Talking about Jack!

Here is a way to make a hot Summer day a great hot Summer day.    Hell you drink enough and you won't remember how hot it was today.    In fact I suggest it.

Jack Daniel's new Hometown Punch has a punch!!!!

It is very good.      It will take you for a loop if you pound them down.    Easy to drink,  maybe to easy.     O and if you are like me and grape fruit bothers your meds....Ops.     They have other flavors besides grape fruit.     I just liked the grape fruit.     It didn't like me.