Monday, August 21, 2017

O you are not a NAZI?

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Dude had short hair walking near a protest.....So a near by do good fellow man stabbed him....Called him a NAZI!       Come to find out.....Dude has never been one.    Doesn't plan on it.     Sorry really doesn't cover that. 

Hell no more big fund raising this year for him.....

Dude will be missed.    Always was a very funny man.    Loved the kids he helped so much.   Great person all around.     hope it makes people give a little more this time in his memory.

The Vagina Guy.....Rick and Morty...

                              Last night's show should have been named was great. 

You can own a piece of NYS.

Tickets for the raffle are $5, and the drawing is on Sept. 12. Additionally, for every $50 someone donates to the organization during the current fundraising drive, they will receive a free ticket. Those interested in purchasing tickets can send checks and an email address to PO Box 736, Canton, NY, 13617, or visit

Hand made canoe raffle......Own a piece of this area.      This would be a piece of art not many others have. 

You only have about three more weeks to come to Alex Bay NY!

This is just one great place to see here.     The boats will not run much longer.    Get here and enjoy it.    If it ends out being a not....Try next year. 

Walk with that BOOTY!

                                      Walk with it.

The thinking

Does my ass look as fine as her ass?     Good thought.

Our area is seeing more and more of this dirty crime.

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Just one dude pisses off the wrong dude and the next thing he is dead from a stabbing.     Passion murders if you must say it.     Just seems like no one has control of their mind and body.     I have met this guy who just stabbed a fellow person to death.    He seemed okay.    But there must be something wired wrong.     I have been pissed beyond mad at someone and did not think about raising a knife to them.      But as they hear there is more to this one.   We will see. 

OMG her skin looks Ultra Soft.

I could put oil on her all day long. 

Okay when you are out on a romance boat trip with your dog....

You need TINDER!

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She wants a man ....DUDE!       Tell the poor dog he can ride anyway.    Ladies like dogs.

Purple pants pulled up her ass....

Much rather see this over a sun something or other any day.    


Chuck doesn't need his wife saying crap about him.    Time we stand up for an American Hero!      Chuck is not a bad husband......BITCH!     Lay off it!

You are a lucky dam pool cleaner.

You arrived on the job just in time. 

It's Monday and she makes it worth getting up.

Yes getting up.....term we all know. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

It is hot....take off your pants....

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Take what the pants know.....

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Stop the pain.

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Stop the burn.

Paint it on!

Blow them off.

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Wrong way girl!

Sunday BOOBS!

You waited long enough.....

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Just look and enjoy...

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Image result for boob gifs

Image result for boob gifs

Image result for boob gifs

Yes you do.
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Image result for boob gifs

Image result for boob gifs

Nope sorry....she never brings them out.   

Boob gets wet in Summer video. 

Look I hate HATE too.....But look at where we are headed.....

You can take down ISIS accounts and no one’s going to yell at you. If you take down a white supremacist account ... you get charged with political bias

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People cheer when all the NAZI groups loose their web sights.    But who is next?    Me, you? 

OMG....spider crawls out a lady's ear...Video!!!!

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Dead body stored in your bathroom?

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Just walk over it please....

That should be good.....

Trump supporters and Juggalos marching on the same day in the same city.....You do the math.