Wednesday, June 29, 2016

O crap more food.

Yes ,   I still want that grille lit,   and some rolls. 

Dam he got drunk.

I have to tell you.... I woke up under my truck in a parking lot once,    at the bottom of a major stairway,     and in a drifting boat once.      All of those times,   I was more then a little hurt. 

Last live person who saw President Lincoln shot.

                         Seems fishy to me,   but that's the claim.   TV interview. 

The below picture makes me so dam happy, and hungry.

Burger at glastonbury festival

Lit up the grill.      But on the burger.     Get me some rolls. 


Yes it is.

Yes I do. 

Wow that butt above is busy.

Real busy.

Do you hear a slapping noise?

God I love the above. 

Her ass is eating her shorts....

Yes it is all good.      I can hear Yum Yum Yum!

Come over here baby!


Call her back.     Go easy.     Don't make her run off.     Wow she is hot!

I came in and found some lights hanging at work.

We had a minor Earth shake.      Not bad,   just enough to make some extra work.    The over head lights (a few) were open,    and all the bugs fell out.   

It's official.....SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!

No more dirty looks,   and the kids are happy for awhile. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

They make almost seedless fruit.

You just have to buy it. 

OMG a rabbit's foot to make pastry?

Dude saw his grand-ma use the above many a time to make pastry.     NO!   NO!   NO!

It's an old Turkish thing.     Wow!    

Making your own curd.

                                   Hey might as well go back to the 1800's. 

Can we go back to the 90's styles?

A bunch of babes from the 90's

Looks good to me.

America's that girl.

Dressing two piece.

Tommy was king.

Yes....Only to find a way to time travel. 


My advice,    get one of the above,   and wear it proud. 

Yes their music is weird, and good.

                                       Get yourself some.

Have not done it in awhile.      Pop on the video and watch the ladies dance.

Dino wings trapped in amber prove many ideas.

Dinos had wings for sure.      They were found in amber.     Very cool.

It is amazing to have the wings in a lab.     Look at the link.    It's very cool. 

I hug and kiss my dog. So?

Pucker up: Kissing your dog or letting it lick your face can lead to the spread of nasty bacteria including salmonella, campolybacter and E coli

Nasty worms in my dog's mouth?     How dare they!       Dude my little guy is not giving me worms.     Heck if he did already,    I still love him. 

Big piece of wood has always been dangerous for kids.

IKEA Australia will not remove the Malm chest of drawers (above) from shelves despite the deaths of three toddlers in the US who all died after being crushed when it toppled over  

The company is recalling the above,  because it crushed three kids to death.       Great idea.     But also,    adults need to be watching their kids.      

Hand in hand people!

Remember when you were washed up in Baseball, and they sent you down?


Free up some money guys!

You taking your lady to a Reenactment this summer?

She needs a dress from the period.   

If you are going to a fair,    you don't want to look weird.    Or do you?

The deep South is not the same without the correct dress.

Dam it,    that girl looks good in the green dress.     

Simple above,    and not bad in price.

I think it would be fun to have her wear the above on the weekends.    Let's do some role playing.

Seems that it should be fun to dress up ,  and play.    Love that iron link top. 

O dude that is so cool above.

This is my fav place to go to.      O turkey legs!

Dam cool above!

A real lady.    In the outfit,   eating like a lady was meant to.


Okay you get the picture.