Monday, January 23, 2017

Why did we buy a Jeep?

To take hot ladies out into the woods,    teach them to drive over rock piles,  and maybe some camping.     The American dream. 

10 years in prison for being a jack-ass...

More than 95 people have been arrested so far during the riots. Hundreds of protesters dressed in black marched through the streets of  D.C. breaking windows and hurling projectiles

A young male rioter kicked in a car's windshield as fellow protesters watched on

A limo was set on fire after masked protesters wearing all black threw a flare into the vehicle. They had reportedly run up to the car and smashed its windows in D.C. following Trump's inauguration

If it's proven you caused a riot......You can face up to 10 years prison time.     No kidding!   TEN LONG YEARS!     What are you in for?        Aaaaaa being a moron!    

Sexy Cop......Cuff me baby!

Image result for samantha sepulveda

Image result for samantha sepulveda

One of NYC on the top of the force ladies!      Hot in a photo shoot,   hot shooting.    

Image result for samantha sepulveda

Image result for samantha sepulveda

Ibbet she is just as much amazing in her street job,   as she is on the screen.   

The DEMs are looking at the future already.

Image result for caroline kennedy

Their dream is still a Lady in the White House.     A Kennedy looks good to them.    No baggage.     Has the name.      Hey looks good.      I hope she runs. 

Our President wants the press to stop making up stories....

Is that so hard to choke down?     Why does CNN have to tell us a bunch of crap?    God knows there is a bunch of truth in this world that would blow us out of our socks.     We don't need made up crap.    I get it.    Why don't they? 

While I was sad to see GA fail....Games were interesting.

Blow outs.....but fun to watch.     GA just didn't have IT.     They were like second stringers out there on the field.      Brady's bunch,    sure they won.     They have millions of dollars worth of talent.    All the best.    Not hard to think they were going to the big game from the start of the season.     Hey they won.    Earned it. 

Maybe it's just me....But I like seeing our President going to church.

Along with the First Lady,  Vice,  and his lovely wife.     It helps.    I never saw the other team once.....Well yes when the Vice lost his son.    But President Obama wasn't big on that. 

Porn Star Nikki Delano....worth looking at.




Yoga helping her moves?     Yes a bunch.

Thick a bit.    Thick can be good.


There is some crazy good video on the link.

She is one of the stars of the small screen.


Drink her in.

The bottom....OMG is some of her online work.

Here are some other Porn stars in yoga pants.    Just a hobby.


How I felt last night after a well deserved trip to the pub....


For about four hours you could have raped me over ,  and over.    I never would have known anything about it.     I suspect the lady above would never know.    Or care. 

Momma June lost some weight, maybe she isn't so much OMG anymore?

celeb weight loss

She even looks a bit more pleasant. 


Snooki for sure came all the way around the Jersey Shore.    

celeb weight loss

While it still strange to think the person above is Ms. Bono , the little princess of TV.    Chaz Bono has became a good looking dude.    Weird way,  anyway.
celeb weight loss

Al most like doesn't crap himself in public anymore.     I hope.

celeb weight loss

Holy shit Sharon......Kelly got really hot!
celeb weight loss

50Cent ........I'm not sure which one is the current photo....Worried about the dude now.

Holy Hell she is tight, and right!

gym booty

Monday mourning tight plus right chicks.


Her friend showing under boob is just as tight put together.


Believe me.

All in all .... some fine booty. 

The caption for this....

I always hated you.      Answer......I know.   Little blond to the left....Wow I just heard that. 

This Friday. The kind of movie Deplorables' enjoy.

I can not wait to catch it.    Maybe wait a few days for the punk crowds to see it,   so I can enjoy it without people with kids.     Ever go to a good movie ,  and see the low life mom,  full of crying kids?     Get a baby sitter!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Three days with President Donald Trump....Still here.

Image result for garden of eden gif

It is no Eden out there.     But not hell. 

Image result for garden of eden gif

The nude joints are still open.    I bet a good food tray this weekend.   Enjoy.

Image result for garden of eden gif

If only!
Image result for life is good gifs

Life is good.

Image result for life is good gifs

We made it.     No one is dead.     Happiness to all.

Image result for throwing signs in fire

Throw your signs into a bigly bomb fire.     Move on....Monday is coming.    

Image result for throwing signs in fire

Go flash some hand jive.    

Image result for throwing signs in fire

Go take in a side show.    I did on Friday. 

You woke up in a hotel with a weird person.

Image result for santa spiderman batman fighting gif

Just smile,   and get out. 

Image result for santa spiderman batman fighting gif

Or stay.    It's your choice.

Image result for santa spiderman batman fighting gif

No second thought......Get out!

This is not America.

This is just a bunch of big ass baby folks who can't deal with life.    I hope the person who set it was arrested.     I feel bad for their parents when the bill comes in the mail.    

Image result for big costly bill

Don't worry dad,    I will pay you back.     Sure. 

This video is meant to shock you.

Kids who are in prison for life.     I see kids who pushed it till it was done.     I am sure they had enough chances.   

Hey there.....Okay that for once is funny.

Everyone deserves their moment in the sun.    

Art a Deplorable will hang up.

Hey even a Lib likes this one.     maybe we all have something in common after all? 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Who stocked the thrift store last night?

Come on!     laugh at it.     Someone was a bit out there at this thrift store.     But it is funny.